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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.18 Thursday, 16 June 2011

Our Promise, Our Effort – Youth Activity during July 24 Celebrations at Tiruppur

With the approval of our Beloved Master, the youth team of SRCM is immensely happy to announce the setting up of a "Youth Awareness Booth" between the 23rd and 25th of July, 2011 at the Celebrations Venue at Tiruppur, India. The purpose of the Youth Awareness Booth is to showcase youth activities carried out by various centers around the world thus providing a common platform for the youth to come together and share ideas. We hope that this will give the participating youth an impetus to learn more about such activities and implement them in their respective centers, fostering a feeling of brotherhood and love. The youth will also be encouraged to come up with their own creative ideas to contribute to the growth of global youth activities. Various activities are being planned for the youth to participate in. In addition, information about various types of volunteer work that the youth could take up will be provided at the booth for those who would like to volunteer their time and effort.

Reference Age Group: 15 to 30 years for centers in India and 15 to 40 years for overseas centers. Our overseas youth team requested relaxing the age group for overseas centers so that we can invite wider participation. We also invite all abhyasis to visit the "Youth Awareness Booth" at Tiruppur and show their encouragement and support for this endeavour by youth volunteers. For more information and contact details for your region, please click on the following url-