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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.19 Thursday, 23 June 2011


1. Rev. Master's Visit to Singapore
2. Abhyasi I.D. Cards
3. Russian Translation of www.sahajmarg.org

1. Rev. Master’s visit to Singapore

June 17 – 22, 2011

Rev. Master visited Singapore between the 17th and 22nd of July, 2011. During his visit, he spent a lot of time with local abhyasis and conducted two satsanghs everyday. Some excerpts from his informal conversations with abhyasis are as follows -
1. Too much prosperity kills the soul. Excess money is a danger.
2. Babuji Maharaj was once asked if he was against prosperity. He answered that making money is a question of using one's talents. It must flow like a river from which one takes what is needed.
3. Babuji Maharaj has said that a man is rich if he has what he needs. What you don't need is not yours because you never use it. He also said that to earn for your needs requires very little effort. The essence of Sahaj Marg is all about balance- adding quality and values to life. Not possessing material things, but becoming. Balance is what denotes perfection.
4. Love must be in the heart. It does not matter where else it is or it is not. Discipline comes from this love.
5. One must not pray for spiritual liberation or for material things, but for a condition.
6. Babuji Maharaj has said that the best way to see the Master is to see him as your mother since it is a bond that cannot be cut.
7. Test your Master as much as you like. Having tested him, tie yourself to him with bonds of steel.
8. Babuji Maharaj has said that a wealthy man is one who has what he needs. A man whose needs have been fulfilled is a happy man. Happiness is actually a state of painlessness or sorrowlessness. Therefore, a happy life is one without pain.
9. Spirituality says, "Live in the present, for the present, there is no future but the present. Future is the present extended into infinity."
10. Pray for wisdom from the heart, not knowledge. The heart is the giver of wisdom because love is wise. The door to heaven opens through the heart and that is where we have to go.
11. Don't judge anybody by external factors. Always aim at the heart.

Master expressed his interest in learning Chinese. In this context, he said that learning is always a beginning and if the beginning is not right, you never learn anything. It is for this reason that a 'Vidhya Aarambham' (literally meaning 'Beginning of Knowledge') is done for children in India as an initiation process. So it must be done at the right time, in the right place and under the appropriate circumstances.

Some photographs taken during this visit may be seen at:


2. SRCM Abhyasi Cards

Information update submitted by the I.D. Card Team

As you may know, Abhyasi ID cards are mandatory for registration at seminars, gatherings and for entry into ashrams. Please ensure that you carry your physical ID card to Tiruppur in July. In case you have not applied for an ID card as yet, please note that the Sunday, 3rd of July 2011 is the last date to make a request for the same either through your India Nodal coordinator, or if you reside outside of India, your local Country coordinator or Country Secretary. ID Card applications received on or before the 3rd of July will be printed in time to be picked up during Master's Birthday Celebrations at Tiruppur in July. Additional details are available in the link below:

3. Translation of the Mission website in Russian

Information update submitted by the Web-Content Team

The Mission's website www.sahajmarg.org, which is already available in 10 International languages, is now also available in Russian. To access any of these translations, please navigate to the main page www.sahajmarg.org and use the pull down menu at the top of the page to select the language.