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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.37 Friday, 28 October 2011

1. Report on Rev. Master's visit to Dubai

In the course of his 10 day stay in Dubai, Rev. Master met with hundreds of abhyasis in groups of various sizes, both at the Meditation Centre as well as at the residence when he was staying. Some of the things that he said during his interactions with various abhyasis is given below.

            When asked if there was any technique for faster progress in Sahaj Marg, Master said, "Ignore everything. If you want to ignore everything, then remember only one thing - what we call constant remembrance. If your mind is occupied already byconstant remembrance, even though others talk, you don't hear because you can attend to only one thing at a time. If your attention is fixed only on the Goal, I see nothing, I hear nothing, though my eyes are open and my ears are open.”

             When an abhyasi asked how one can know about his or her spiritual progress, Master said, “When I get into an airplane, say from here to Chennai, I cannot ask the pilot every minute whether I am on the right path or not. I just trust. It is a matter of faith. It is much more with the Master because the pilot is only qualified but the Master knows. We call Him ‘the one who takes you on the right path’ because He has been there.”

             When an abhyasi asked Master how to deal with people who are against one's involvement in the Mission, He said, “You don't think about them. My Master said, if you think someone is against you, you have created your enemy. If you forget, then there is no enemy”.

             On the difference between wanting and love, Master said, "There is a big difference between wanting and loving. I want a Master. What for? Now I love the Master, so I obey. So in Sahaj Marg, obedience is not from the rules like the Ten Commandments and things like that; we love, so we obey. Obedience comes from the heart, not from mind or fear but from love." Master continued, "What does the Master love? He loves all. So in Sahaj Marg we say 'Love Him Who Loves all'. So how to choose a Master? Find a man who loves all."

             On Liberation, Master said, "When other people talk of liberation after death, it only means they want to continue to enjoy life with whatever they think are pleasures and then eventually going into a state of liberation where there is no pain. That is lying to yourself. You have not yet got freedom from this need from pleasure. Isn’t it? You cannot have freedom only from pain. You must also have freedom from pleasure, because they are two sides of a coin, pleasure and pain, isn’t it? Either you do away with both or you keep both. Otherwise you want a coin with one side, which does not exist. So liberation is doing away with dualities, opposites of existence. That is the right idea of liberation.”

            On the matter of knowledge, Master said, "There is no unknown, because, as you are going through life, every next second is unknown and before you even know, it is known. Before you really want to savor, that moment has passed. So the idea of living in an eternal present is also a state of absolute knowledge."

            On the matter of wisdom, He said, "The man who uses his intelligence, how much ever he is born with, is a wise man."

            Talking about service, Master said, “In service, we must forget ourselves. That is true service. Service is not just delivering service, the heart must play a vital role in it.”

            On overcoming fear, Master said, “Give up fear. Fear is the biggest enemy of life, not danger. Fear makes everything dangerous. There is no such thing as danger. Without fear, life is joy and happiness. With fear, life is miserable. One thing you have to remove is fear. To remove fear, do more cleaning and have sittings”.

           On drinking, Master asked why drinking is forbidden and He went on explain, “Because in spirituality there is this very subtle intoxication, and the intoxication of the alcohol is gross. So it removes the very subtle intoxication of the transmission. Drinking disturbs your state of consciousness and that is what is wrong with drinking. What is important is to maintain the state of consciousness undisturbed.”

            On Guilt, He said, “Worse than the deed is the feeling of guilt. Never feel guilty. You have to change. That’s all.” He went on to say that repentance means not to repeat the mistake.

            When an abhyasi asked about science trying to explain spiritual states, Master said that science is only a materialistic approach to worldly reality. Science only deals with the world of matter, not with spirit.

            On the nobility of suffering, He said that trouble welds people together. He went on to say that we need more suffering to become one!

Some pictures from Master's trip can be seen by clicking on the link below: