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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2012.19 Friday, 7 July 2012


  1. Master's 86th birthday celebrations – Volunteer Circular

1. Master's 86th birthday celebrations – Volunteer Circular

July 2012 Celebrations – Volunteer Circular

As you may already know, the registration process for the upcoming July 24th celebrations at various centers has been happening for the last two weeks. Given the short time left for the celebration, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to register for the celebrations before coming to the venue, and also encourage other abhyasis to register. This will enable the infrastructure planning team to plan properly for the celebrations. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

As you will appreciate, there is plenty of loving preparation that goes into hosting an auspicious Bhandara of this magnitude. Last Sunday, DJ Park had a satsangh attendance of 1200 and almost 900 were working as volunteers for the whole day. Getting ready for the celebrations will require such continued effort for the next few weeks. We take this opportunity to invite abhyasis from all centers to come to the Tiruppur venue in large numbers as soon as possible; even weekend participation in voluntary work will help tremendously. This also offers the opportunity to benefit from the sublime Utsav atmosphere right from the beginning.

Photos of the various activities that are happening at DJ Park are at http://www.sahajmarg.org/july-24-celebrations/2012/volunteers.

Celebration Committee

Babuji Maharaj said (and I should like you all to listen carefully to this), Babuji Maharaj said, “It is difficult to love the Master, if not impossible, because love is something about which we don’t know anything.” At the grossest level, everybody knows, but as it is raised in subtlety, we are not aware of what love is, to such an extent that today in most societies, including unfortunately, regrettably, even India, love has come only to mean the grossest manifestation of a relationship. Babuji told me this forty years ago, that love is almost impossible, and where, in a situation of, shall we say, an approach towards divinity, love is the only factor which guides you, which regulates you, and which takes you up to the goal. What are we to do without that? How are we to progress? Does it mean that human beings will never reach the goal? Babuji Maharaj said, “There is one way open to them—one and only one—service.” And he said, “Love is most difficult, if not impossible. Service is the easiest, and a sure way to progress to the goal.”

A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari at the meeting of Zonal-in-Charges and Centre-in-Charges of India on 11th January, 2009 at Manapakkam, India