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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2012.25 Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Update on Revered Master's Health by Dr. Natwar Sharma – 1 August, 2012

Dear sisters & brothers,

Since the last bulletin dated 27 July, Revered Master has been making slow but steady progress.

His infections have cleared and his kidneys are functioning well. He is off all antibiotics and all IV lines have been removed. He is able to tolerate longer periods off BiPAP (breathing machine) support, and we expect to wean him off the machine gradually. Though he is still receiving the bulk of his nutritional needs through the NG tube, we have started augmenting this with normal food, in increasing proportions daily. We hope that the nasal feeding will stop in a few days, as soon as his daily nutritional needs are met through the oral feed.

Physiotherapy and nutritional rehabilitation are the key areas that are now being actively addressed. He is regaining strength each day and making positive moves towards recovery. He is now able to sit up and take a few steps, and this morning spent half an hour seated in his wheelchair in the verandah in front of the cottage.

Please continue to pray for his speedy recovery. We seek your co-operation until he is back to his normal state. We would request that you plan a visit to Manapakkam ONLY after we notify his ability to receive visitors.

Thanking You,

Dr. Natwar Sharma