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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2012.5 Saturday, 10 March 2012


  1. Report of the North American Seminar
  2. Rev. Master's Talk during the International Scholarship Training Programme

1. Report of the North American Seminar

Report submitted by Sis. Tracie Pape

Over 800 abhyasis gathered for the North American Seminar with Reverend Master at the Babuji Memorial Ashram between the 20 and 24 February 2012. This glorious week felt like a fusion of love, brotherhood, personal reflection and joy. The seminar began with a talk by Master on the theme—One World, One Family. He shared with us that the secret of life is to give and give until we can give no more; that love is the most valuable treasure that we have.

There were penetrating talks by Master, Brother Kamlesh Patel, Brother PR Krishna, and Brother Rohit Patel, moving hearts each morning. Thursday, Master spoke to approximately 120 prefects from North America, reminding us not to speak with trepidation when talking about Sahaj Marg due to fear about how the listener will receive your words. Speak with your heart.

Monday afternoon the new abhyasi's met for a Q&A session where a sincere and honest discussion of all elements of the practice were addressed. Later in the week, all these abhyasi's had the opportunity to meet with Master in his cottage in groups of 40, for a treasured meeting of the hearts. He took great care that one and all felt welcome and loved on all levels. It was miraculous.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, we participated in an interactive program designed to encourage reflection on the values and beliefs that underlie the vision of One World, One Family. The attendees identified attitudes and values to aspire to including a few of the following:

  • An open heart unites all humanity.
  • Accept everything that comes to us cheerfully and with faith.
  • Know all people as our brethren and treat them with mutual love and respect, without judgment.
  • Service with humility, love and sacrifice starting with family, then the community, then with the world at large.

We were introduced to the concept of HeartSpeak, which echoes the following quote by Master;Heart to Heart, vol. 5, p 462; “Love means to approach one heart with your heart.” We will be hearing more about this in the near future.

At the week’s end, we left our home at the Ashram for our homes in North America, to share the love we received with our family of brothers and sisters from all over the world.
The audio of Rev. Master's talk at the Seminar can be accessed at the following link -

Some photographs from the Seminar can be accessed at the following link -

2. Rev. Master's talk to Scholars during the International Scholarship Training Programme

Rev. Master addressed the scholars during the International Scholarship Training Programme at Manapakkam on the 11 of February. The transcript of the talk can be accessed at the following link -