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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2006.15 - Wednesday, February 22, 2006

 Dear Sister / Brother:
April 29th to May 1st, 2006
Lucknow, U.P., India

Web-based pre-registration for the Celebrations to be held in Lucknow on April 29th, 30th and May 1st, 2006 is open now. The web-registration application is available at http://www.srcm.org/regindia/index.jsp. The process of pre-registration is as follows:

  1. Register for a user id on the web site. Only authenticated users will be allowed access to the web-registration application. Once your user id is authenticated, you will be able to register through the web. Instructions on using the application are available on the web site itself.
  2. Abhyasis and children aged 12yrs. and above are requested to register through their respective centres as groups of delegates. Web registration can be done in batches by all centres. Larger centres are requested to submit a batch of registration once in two weeks and send the consolidated delegate donation for each batch by demand draft along with printout to Lucknow.
  3. Delegate cards for all registration received before 24-Mar-06 will be sent to the respective centers. Delegate Cards for registration after 24-Mar-06 will be kept ready at the registration counter at Lucknow and can be collected conveniently on arrival.
  4. Delegate donation for Abhyasis is Rs. 300/- and for children aged 12 yrs and above is Rs.100/-

  This process will reduce the burden of registering when you arrive for the celebrations at Lucknow and is aimed at accommodating larger number of delegates for celebrations. Please do contact us at 9415081942 for any clarifications.
  VOLUNTEERS: All centre-in-charges are requested to send the list of volunteers with their work preference to Lucknow latest by 31-Mar-06 .Volunteers are required to be present at LKO ashram from 15-Apr-06 till 05-May-06.
May 25th – 28th 2006
  Report by sister Malene Mikkelsen, Denmark
  We heartily welcome all abhyasis to the first international seminar in Europe in 2006, scheduled to be held from May 25th to May 28th at the Vrads Sande Ashram in Denmark.  Please note that there has been a change of dates and that the seminar is now two weeks later than the dates originally announced. The official start of the seminar is on Thursday 25th of May in the morning and the seminar ends after lunch on Sunday 28th. We encourage abhyasis to arrive on the 24th of May (for which there is no additional charge). The seminar dates have been changed to meet with the wishes of European abhyasis, for whom the Ascension Day on May 25th is a holiday. We hope that these dates will enable many abhyasis to come, and we are happy to inform you that May in Denmark is known to be the most beautiful month of the year. We are also happy to tell you that arrangements will be made for as many abhyasis as will want to attend and that none will be turned away. Indeed, convenient accommodation facilities are relatively easy to come by at this time of year. As soon as the registration for the seminar opens in March it will be announced here on Sahaj Sandesh. At the same time all information about the seminar will be available on the SRCM webpage.
  VOLUNTEERS: We encourage volunteers to join us in the preparation of the seminar or to stay for a few more days after the seminar in order to help tidy up after the seminar. Volunteers who wish to arrive before the start seminar or leave after the end can stay at the ashram for free. The dates of the pre-seminar are: May 20th to 24th (but volunteers are also very welcome to come before the 20th). The post-seminar dates are: May 28th to 30th. Preparations for the seminar have, in fact, already begun and anyone who wants to come and help with the ongoing building projects at the ashram and other seminar related activities are very welcome at the ashram anytime from now on! Please contact the reception (vrads@srcm.org) as soon as possible if you plan to arrive before the actual seminar dates.