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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2006.20 - Monday, March 13, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
4-Mar-2006 to 12-Mar-2006
Report by brother N.S. Nagaraj, India

Rev. Master arrived in Bangalore on 4th March 2006 by Indian Airlines from Hyderabad.  Rev. Master’s unplanned visit to Bangalore was to attend to personal family matters.  Rev. Master conducted satsangh at Mission’s ashram at Banashankari, Bangalore on the same evening.
Next day early morning an abhyasi traveling with Master narrated his dream. In the dream, this abhyasi brother is to take a car to Master to drive Him somewhere. While the abhyasi brother is coming towards Master, many other tasks distract him. The abhyasi knew that he would be delayed yet he had to attend to his many distractions. On hearing this, Master said that it is abhyasi’s sub-conscious was confirming what Master has been saying all along that  [the] “Master is waiting” for all abhyasis.
Construction activities at the CREST (Center for Research, Education, Sadhana and Training) project is in full swing and near completion. Master has appointed Br. Jagannathan, I.P.S. Retd, as the  first full-time Director for CREST. On Tuesday, 6th March, Master spoke about the CREST program for a long time. He gave direction on CREST programs, its content and delivery mechanism. Master said that CREST training would impart personal and spiritual discipline along with knowledge and create living examples of the Sahaj Marg way of living. Rev. Master also visited CREST site at Kaggalipura village on Saturday 11th March morning at 9:30AM. Master before conducting satsangh, gave a short speech introducing Br. Jagannath as Director of CREST, Bangalore. “We propose to inaugurate it sometime in April or May. CREST will be selecting batches of 60 people at a time for 1 month course, imparting a broad range of training, giving lectures on all types of religions, philosophies, cultures etc., etc., That’s why it is called CREST - Center for Research, Education, Sadhana and Training. So the destiny of this, what I think is a unique establishment in Sahaj Marg system is in his hands now, (showing Br. Jagannathan) and I am sure he will do a wonderful job and people will benefit. So, there will be 10 courses a year, 1 month of duration each and we will see how it goes by your cooperation. Thank you very much”. Later, He walked through the construction site, inspecting the progress of the construction work at the facility.
Separately, Master is considering a SMSF project to take care of retired and elderly abhyasis, where they can live a dignified life in a spiritual environment. The facility will have a meditation hall, common kitchen, visiting doctors and dedicated staff and volunteer abhyasis to take care of the residents.

During informal sessions with Master, he gave an example to state what does abhyasi need to have for spiritual journey. Generally we need passport, visa and tickets to travel to foreign countries. For spiritual journey, Satsangh with the Master, Obedience to the Master and Love for the Master are passport, visa and tickets.  

On Saturday 11th March Master moved to the zonal ashram, Bangalore located outside the Bangalore city center. It has a comfortable cottage. Master conducted satsangh on Sunday. During lunch  Master and his late brother’s two-year-old grandson engaged in a long, playful conversation. Master’s full attention was on the child. The child kept asking Master to sing by whistling one after the other. While playing, Master was teaching the child to speak. The child kept running around calling referring to Him as “Master thatha” (Master grandfather). It was a very joyous moment.
After lunch, Master came to the main hall and spent time with abhyasis. There was question and answer session on the soul, spirituality and science. Master said, “One thing we should be surprised every morning is that we are still alive. Everything in nature is so hostile. You know how hostile it is. You should read some scientific literature. Everything in nature is against your existence. Only thing that can exist is soul. That’s what exists. That is eternal because nothing in nature can touch it. This is the simple explanation of spirituality, which nobody appreciates. No cosmic waves, no meteorite, can touch it. Somehow to fulfill its purpose in life, it keeps the five elements together. When the purpose is finished it quits and what is left behind - bury, flames and those for the people who are here.”
After this session Master went to take rest.