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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2006.24 – Friday, April 7, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

May (24th) 25th – May 28th 2006
Report by brother Axel Roseno, Denmarrk

We warmly invite everyone to participate in the international seminar at the Vrads Sande Ashram. The seminar starts Thursday May 25th, 2006 (which is the Ascension holiday in all of Europe), but everyone is encouraged to arrive Wednesday May 24th (at no extra charge). The seminar ends after lunch on Sunday May 28th, 2006.
Registrations for the seminar will open around the 11th of April and will take place using an on-line registration form. More information about the seminar is provided under “Upcoming Events” on the Mission’s website.

Visa for Denmark is required for some nationalities, e.g. for abhyasis from most countries in Eastern Europe as well as South Africa, India and other countries (this is true even for those currently residing in a country from which no visa is required). Abhyasis who need a visa to come to Denmark should apply as soon as possible. Abhyasis from countries where a visa is required must obtain an invitation from us in order to apply for a visa. For this purpose, please contact us on visadk@gmail.com.
We look forward to seeing you all.
July 24th, 2006
Report by brother Mihai Cozariuc, Romania

We are pleased to invite you to join us at the seminar organized in Timisoara for Master's Birthday. The period is 23-24 of July, 2006.
The venue will be at EXPO-VEST (Calea Lugojului No.4) in Timisoara, Romania. Surely many of you remember this place from the last seminar, in 2005. We are planning to welcome around 300 participants. Arrivals for the seminar will be on Saturday, the 22nd of July, 2006. Departures Tuesday, 25th of July, 2006 or earlier, at convenience. Accommodation will be at hotels, dormitory in the sport hall and at the local abhyasis; meals and the activities of seminar will be held at the mentioned venue. The programme will be submitted for approval to Master, through Fausto Russo and will be distributed to you later. The seminar announcement will be displayed on the site of our Mission as soon as possible.  We are faithful that the atmosphere will be excellent, as you remember from last the seminar, the same is the enthusiasm of "old" and new abhyasis of the new SRCM, of Romania. Please inform all the members of the Mission in your country about this seminar that was approved by Master. Registration can start by submitting your messages to brother Marcel Iordache at E-mail: office.tm@psihoprofil.ro
Best wishes to everyone,

Report by brother Padu Nellayappan, India

  1. Constant Remembrance magazine’s April 2006 issue is now ready and is being distributed to various centres world wide. There are recent speeches from Master, question and answer sessions with him (Here & There), and brother V.K. Somakumar's serialization of the book he wrote about his experiences and growth under Master's tutelage (He...The Wonder), as well as this issue's topic also includes reflections by abhyasis on Maxim 7. There are also inspiring articles by Br. Ajay Bhatter, and others, as well as an interview with Master on the topic of the Seeker that first appeared in Parabola magazine. To subscribe to the Constant Remembrance quarterly go to http://www.srcm.org/bookstore/subscriptions.jsp
  2. On 30 April 2006, 2 new books in English will be released: Heart Speak 2004 volume 2 containing talks given in 2004 and Tell Me Master a full colour illustrated book containing answers given by Master to questions posed by children on a wide range of topics. Both these books will be distributed to English book corpus members.
  3. Additional details are available at our new releases web site: http://www.srcm.org/bookstore/newreleases/index.jsp
  4. Reality At Dawn Spanish edition, book(s) in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam are also scheduled for release this month.

Web: http://www.omegaschools.org
Report by brother V.K. Somakumar

Abhyasis all over the world would be happy to know that Lalaji Memorial Omega School has been granted affiliation to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi within the very first year since its inception.  The affiliation is granted with effect from 01.04.2006 for Middle School, with the Affiliation Code No.1930200. On 8th April 2006, along with the achievement records, each of the students will be given an E-Chronicle titled “Pragati” (Progress) containing events & write-ups about the school and the individual child.  Master has been kind enough to permit satsangh at LMOS every Wednesday and the inaugural satsangh was conducted by Master himself at the school on 29.03.2006. More than 500 abhyasis from Manapakkam attended the same. Construction of Hostel and Administration Building is progressing fast and is expected to be completed by the end of May 2006. [The artist’s renderings of the administration building and the primary block which are under construction is attached.] Admissions for 2006–2007 are fast filling up.  More than 520 applications have been sold so far and the Fourth Entrance Test will be conducted on 15th April 2006. It is expected that around 500 students will be on rolls during the Academic Year 2006–2007.

Photos of Lalaji Memorial Omega School