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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.33 – Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

April 23, 2006 - April 27, 2006
Report by brothers G. Rajavel (Chennai), Urmil Shah (Dallas, USA), Chuphal Bhupendra (Bangalore)

23/04/06 - Sunday
After having spent about a month at Chennai and a short personal visit to Bangalore, Rev. Master started another long tour on 23rd April 2006. Master is scheduled to visit abhyasis in Gulf and Europe after having celebrated Babuji Maharaj's birthday on 30th April at Satkhol Himalayan Ashram, and will return to India in mid-June. Today, he left fro Delhi.

24/04/06 - Monday

Master was up early in the morning despite the fatigue he had last night and conducted the morning Satsangh. When Master started to leave after the sitting, he was literally mobbed by the abhyasis that made him sit down again. He was patiently attending to each one of the abhyasis answering their questions, giving them blessings, greeting them pleasantaries and in all of this the he touched all aspects of life, starting with power of the vision of a child, to choice of education of a student, marriage proposal of a girl, health problem of a sister, professional work of a banker, business acumen of a family and so on. The attention was so personal that one would digest and cherish for long like the transmission.

During the session, Master was offered bunches of roses with thorns wrapped up in thin tissues. Master got his fingers hurt while receiving one of them. He said that Babuji used to say that if you want roses; you should be prepared for the thorns.

25/04/06 - Tuesday

Master was up early and finished his morning work. He had many abhyasis especially the functionaries of the Mission arriving from the morning. It was like the head of the family waiting for children to arrive.

After morning sitting, he spent good amount of time with abhyasis present there. When someone asked about intellect, Master said that it is a powerful enemy and a poor friend. While questioned by an abhyasi about how to gauge one's progress, Master replied that while you are airborne in a plane you do not feel the movement but while the plane changes direction, the movement is felt. Everyone in the crowd felt that they were personally attended to.

In the evening, at the dinner table, Master spent well over 1 hour in the after-dinner session. Master commented on the discussion of donations that the Mission never asks for money for spirituality. The donations come from those who are in Sahaj Marg and those who understand it well and donate it with Love and gratitude. He narrated incidents from the past where the donations were not accepted. In one case the donation was returned as the donor had put a condition that the money should be spent only at his center and in another case a large sum was refused as the donor was just 6 months into the mission and was donating from her inherited wealth.

Master then went out at 10 pm in the night to meet abhyasis who had come from Daulana and surrounding villages to meet Him. Master had an informal discussion with them and with love and tenderness listened to their concerns and addressed them. After this meeting these people were scheduled to go back to their village. Master said that He wished if they could stay for another day when a satsangh will be held at the Gurgaon ashram, which they all can join. All of them readily agreed to stay back. Master distributed sweets to all of them.

26/04/06 - Wednesday

At the breakfast table, He showed all the working committee members His archive photographed of the Babuji Memorial Ashram and Omega Memorial School in his computer. He narrated how an expensive proposal to put up a sliding shutter enclosing the meditation hall at Manapakkam ashram was disposed off by Him. He suggested the organizers to put up a demo piece which He let hang for a month which by then was forgotten by everybody. He said by ignoring instead of protesting (Just like Babuji suggests to ignore thoughts during meditation) one can do away with unwanted proposal

Master conducted the morning meditation and presided over the working committee meeting in the forenoon. At the lunch table Master looked very happy about the proceedings of the meeting and expressed His happiness by saying that it was the pleasantest meeting.

Before and after the satsangh at the Gurgaon Ashram, Master met and attended to all the people who wanted to talk to Him in person.

27/04/06 - Thursday

Master left Delhi at 8:30 am for Rudrapur by road. There were about 50 abhyasis who accompanied Master. Enroute to Rudrapur, Master's entourage stopped at Moradabad, where He was given a traditional welcome. Master briefly sat outside with the abhyasis gathered there. He went on to the kitchen, inspected and tasted the dishes to the delight of everyone having lunch. He said that He had a hearty lunch and personally served dahi (yogurt) to people around Him saying that it is very special here.

Master started at 3 PM for Rudrapur and arrived the farmhouse cottage at 5:30 PM. Master was very cheerful without any sign of tiredness. While Master was being served snacks and tea, abhyasis from nearby centers gathered around Him in the cottage lobby. One Abhyasi from Kharagpur center, recited some shers (Urdu Poetry). This brother also narrated once incident where he was invited for a guest lecture in one of the institutes and he also spoke of Sahaj Marg and invited the audience to come and visit the Ashram. The very next week, quite a few people came to visit the ashram from that institute but to the surprise of this brother none of them was from those who had attended the session. Master said that this is how the work is rewarded. It is like, your father plants a mango tree in his village but you get to eat mangoes wherever you are. It does not have to be the mangoes from the same tree.

Master conducted Satsangh at 6:30 pm. After spending the night at the Rudrapur cottage, Master leaves for Satkhol on 27th morning.

Report by brother S. Prakash - prakash@seechangeworld.com, Ashram Maintenance Manager, Manapakkam (Chennai), India

This is to bring to your attention the launch of the next batch of "YOUTH PROGRAMME" from 1st July 2006 at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, Chennai - 600 116, India. The current batch of YOUTH PROGRAMME is running successfully and we are happy that we are announcing the next batch to accommodate more willing Abhyasi Brothers & Sisters from across India including those who missed out in the earlier batch. This full time residential programme will run from 1st July 2006 to 30th September 2006 (for a period of 3 months) and is aimed at training the YOUTH of Sahaj Marg in the various aspects of running an Ashram.

Salient features of this programme:

1) Intense training on all facets of Maintaining an Ashram and on Sahaj Marg during their stay.
2) In-house stay at the ashram, at no cost to the abhyasi participants, during the programme period. Food and Bachelor"s Dormitory Accommodation will be provided at Ashram.

The following are eligible to apply for this programme:

  • Abhyasis from India between the age group of 20 to 40.
  • Must have been practicing Sahaj Marg System of Meditation for at least 2 years at the time of applying.
  • Must have attended at least one or two Bhandaras / Celebrations.
  • Abhyasi Brothers & Sisters in the mentioned age group are welcome to apply.
  • Must attach a certificate of Conduct from the respective Zone-in-Charge or Centre-in-Charge or Preceptor-in-Charge.
  • Must not expect any other support, financial or otherwise (other than Food & Accommodation which will be provided at Ashram) during the programme tenure. They must carry enough clothing for their stay and some cash to cover their personal expenses.
  • Must be highly disciplined and motivated to participate for the full tenure of the programme.

We intend restricting the size of the second batch to 25 (Twenty Five only) and we will go on a first cum first served basis, provided the candidates fulfil the above criteria. Participants who complete the program successfully will be eligible for absorption as Ashram Staff in Manapakkam and across Ashrams in India.
Abhyasi brothers & sisters who are willing to apply for this programme must route their applications (with complete resume in the annexed format) through their respective ZIC / CIC / Preceptor-in-Charge on or before 31st May - 2006. Short listed candidates will be intimated by email / post / phone on or before 10th June - 2006 after proper screening. They must report at Manapakkam Ashram by 28th of June - 2006 and the programme will commence on 1st July - 2006. Kindly make photocopies of the attached application format for the use by applicants. The completed application copies can be forwarded to the above address.