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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.36 - Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:
May 3rd to 7th, 2006
Report by brother Chuphal Bhupendra, India

Rev. Master arrived in Pune from Delhi at 8:45 PM, on 3rd May, 2006. Master stayed at an Abhyasis house. Local abhyasis had turned out in large numbers. Master conducted Satsangh 3 times on 4th of May.
On 5th morning, Master went to Panshchet, below Singhgarh Fort near Khadakwasala. This place has been selected for one of the five Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF) retreat centers. This beautiful piece of 5 acres land is surrounded by hills on one side and the vast lakefront on the other and has been donated to the mission by an abhyasi. Master conducted Satsangh soon after reaching the site. After Satsangh Gen. Dowedi, who is in-charge of SMSF Pune, spoke about the schedule of construction and other details. Pune retreat center is likely to be completed by Sep 2007. Master then gave a speech in English, detailing out the concept of retreat centers. Retreat centers would be centers where abhyasis can retreat for 3 to 30 days. Master said that ideally if someone comes to retreat, he/she should leave behind everything worldly including the worldly responsibilities. Like a lion retreats in the cave and recuperates him, our spiritual body should retreat into our hearts and recuperate in these retreat centers. We should come out of these centers like babies with innocence and wonder established.
After the speech, Master unveiled the foundation stone for the retreat center and planted a tree to commemorate the occasion.  Master left by road to Mumbai, where He stayed overnight enroute to Dubai.

On 6th of May, Master started for Dubai at 10AM by EK505. We arrive in Dubai at 11:30 AM local time. Master is staying at an abhyasis house. After lunch, Master spent good 1.5 hours listening to local abhyasis about Dubai, business environment, upcoming projects, monarchy etc. Master spoke very rarely and was listening to all very keenly seemingly to understand them and their environment better. Master conducted satsangh at 6:30 PM to about 200 abhyasis who had gathered there.
On 7th morning, Master conducted Satsangh at 6:45 AM for the convenience of the office goers. Master went to a bookshop later in the forenoon and collected quite a few titles for the CREST and LMOS library. Master conducted the evening satsangh at 6:30 PM.  Later after the dinner, Master sat in the hall where local abhyasis quickly engaged Him into discussions. The discussion was around Arabic and other languages. Master was very focused on the discussions and was picking up Arabic words and their pronunciation. Master also recalled some words, which He had learnt about 40 years back in spite of the disuse. One local abhyasi who runs classes in Arabic was also present. Many of the local abhyasis of Indian origin have enrolled for the classes. Master agreed to join the class Himself on coming Friday. Master said that languages are very fascinating and recalled some of the words, which He had learnt in different languages through practical situations in a hard way. Master jokingly said that He could write a book on “Language Learning – the hard way”.

Master left for Kuwait on 8th morning and will return to Dubai on 10th May.

(see attached photographs)
May 8th – 10th, 2006
Report by brother B.R. Subramanian (Regional Coordinator – Kuwait), United Arab Emirates

 It was a defining moment on the 8th May morning when Rev. Master’s flight landed at Kuwait airport at 8.20AM. Master was accompanied by Br. Ajay Bhatter and four other abhyasis.  It was His first ever visit to Gulf nation of Kuwait. There were around 60 to 70 abhyasis waiting in the airport to receive Rev. Master with tears in their eyes and hearts filled with love and expectation with a sense of Promise that this trip holds for the Kuwait center.
At the airport seeing the rush with people receiving Master with cameras and videos shooting all the way, children and adults all welcoming Master, a local Kuwait passer by asked if it is Amitabh Bachan the Indian movie star. When Master was told about this, in his humorous he laughed.
The Winds of change began few weeks before we got a resourceful hall, just a couple of minutes away from the Chalet cottage where Rev. Master was camped. The tight security at the hotel where Master stayed was relaxed by the management, on their own accord, to facilitate easy access for the abhyasis to visit Master’s cottage until late hours. The seed was sown for the growth of the center in Master’s presence by way of approximately 70 new aspirants who attended satsanghs on both days. Some local nationals showed interest in the practice. When this was mentioned to Master He said “When Nature’s work needs to be done, Nature takes care of itself.” This statement symbolizes his work which was going on much before his arrival into Kuwait.
On 8th Morning, after his rest and breakfast, Master conducted his first Satsangh at the Kuwait Magic Hall. In the evening Master conducted a satsangh at the Indian Community School Hall where we conduct all our Friday Satsanghs. Approximately 200 abhyasis and aspirants packed the venue. After the satsangh,  Master gave a talk on our system and how we all have to shed our inhibitions in terms of our cast, creed, background (religious, linguistic, etc.) to progress as one Human race and how Sahaj Marg can bind us all in that endeavor. “Meditation for Human Integration” was the theme of his visit.
In spite of his busy schedule Master was enthusiastic to see Kuwait and, on both the days, he managed to spend some time around Kuwait City visiting important landmarks, the malls, the Marinas, driving the length & breadth of the City country blessing it all the way. He bought books for CREST and was also presented a beautifully bound copy of the Holy Quran in English by an abhyasi for this purpose.
On the 9th morning addressing new abhyasis, Master’s gave a talk on how desires put a bar to progress and suggested that aspirants start the spiritual journey early and progress surely steadfast onto your Goal. He also said “Good things should be done now and bad things never”.
Rev. Master had informal talks and imparted words of wisdom to all abhyasis who had questions during the duration of the stay. One of them was on fast cars and driving fast. Master said it was better to be slow and sure and reach the destination than being fast and risky and do not reach it at all.
Master made two preceptors during this visit. On the 9th evening after Satsangh, we had a short children’s program which Master enjoyed very much. More than 200 abhyasis and aspirants were present with families and children to get a last glimpse of Master on this trip, who spent time moving around the hall , greeting people going to the children’s corner spending time with the 40 odd children present and saw the place and the arrangements.
The Hall is named Kuwait Magic and aptly to suit the name for the 2 days all of us were cast in a spell by Master which will leave us with a lasting and longing memory of his visit.
Concluding day on the 10th early morning Master left for Dubai. Many abhyasis were present to see him off with moist eyes and with only one thought “ See you soon MASTER”.
In the evening at the time of writing this trip note there is a storm brewing, winds at high speeds, thunder and lightning with a possibility of heavy shower on the horizon after a Hot summer’s clear day in Kuwait. This is Natures way of symbolizing that Master’s trip has been a “MEMORABLE ONE” and the “WINDS OF CHANGE” are here to stay………..