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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2006.04 - Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:


January 16 -18, 2006
Report by brother Shirish C. Srivastava, Singapore

The news of Rev. Master's decision to visit Singapore for a day, on his way to the Asia Pacific Seminar in Awana, Malaysia, delighted all the abhyasis in Singapore. Rev. Master arrived on January 16th by the evening of Indian Airways flight from Chennai. Numerous abhyasis brothers and sisters were anxiously awaiting to have the first glimpse of our beloved Master as he exited form the immigration area. Shortly, Rev. Master accompanied by 54 Abhyasis, entered into the arrival hall. Though our Master looked physically tired from the journey, he was happy to meet the abhyasis who were receiving him. After a brief exchange of greetings with the abhyasis at the airport, Rev. Master left for brother M. V. Rajesh's residence, where he was scheduled to stay. In spite of being tired, Rev. Master spent time with abhyasis and finally went into his room late after mid-night.

On 17th January, over 150 Abhyasis assembled in Civil Services Club to meet their Rev. Master. Rev. Master arrived at around 08:50 hrs. and, immediately headed to the meditation hall in the SkyLab function room. After a brief welcome address by the local organizers, Rev. Master addressed us. He expressed his hope for the growth of the Mission in the Singapore centre, suggesting that the only way to achieve this would be by reaching out to all interested in spirituality, including those in the local population of Chinese and Malay communities. He encouraged all residents to learn the native Chinese - Mandarin language because "the way to a man's (or a woman's) heart is through the tongue and not through the stomach as is commonly believed". We have to learn the ways of the native population to communicate with them in a better way and so that more people derive benefit from the Sahaj Marg method of meditation. He also mentioned that Sahaj Marg is all about communication and brotherhood, so unless we know the local language it is impossible to communicate in the intended way. He then conducted a Satsangh. After the Satsangh, Rev. Master departed from the venue and the function in the Civil Services Club continued till 1230 hrs, in which preceptors and abhyasis from other centres shared their experiences.

In the evening at around 19:00 hrs. Rev. Master met abhyasis who had come to meet him at his place of residence. He was in a cheerful mood, joking and chatting with all the abhyasis. Many of his remarks, though mentioned jokingly, offered meaningful and insightful guidance to all present. Rev. Master was kind enough to conduct a Satsangh for around 30 abhyasis who had come to be with Him. After the Satsangh he again had an informal discourse with the abhyasis.

On the 18th January, Rev. Master met a few abhyasis at breakfast. He left for Malaysia by road at around 8:30 hrs to host the APAC seminar. All the peoples of Singapore were blessed to have the Divine presence of our Rev. Master, though only for a very short period. We are already looking forward to His next visit.



Gujarati Quartery - Sahaj Jyot
Report by brother Suresh Rajgopalan, Ahmedabad, India

The Gujarati speaking abhyasis can now peruse in their mother tongue 'Sahaj Jyot' a spiritual quarterly. Four issues January, April, July and October are scheduled, and the first inaugural edition will be ready for distribution on 2nd February'06. The sections in each issue have been designed with the purpose of fomenting craving and yearning in the readers for the original home. The two sections carrying ' talks and articles of Masters' and Messages will provide the necessary impetus to readers to focus on their spiritual pursuit per se. The special feature (in fact regular feature of every edition) will carry excerpts from 'Voice Real-Clarifications' and 'Deva Vani' which is pregnant with spiritual wealth. Anecdotes from Spider's web will practically guide the readers in their day to day life. The series of Down Memory lane should seed admiration and adoration for the Master which will finally graduate into love an essential ingredient for the spiritual aspirant There is also a section which will regularly carry stories culled from Master's literature which will emphatically drive the point home. Children's section is identified with the idea of inculcating interest in children for the spiritual journey. Section of abhyasis contribution is also kept to promote sharing of views and opening of hearts. Last but not the least free space is reserved for editor in a section to incorporate report on Master's visit etc. The unique feature of this Gujarati edition is that reader has a choice to either subscribe to Print or Net Edition. There will be no need to download fonts as Unicode support is provided. Annual subscription in India Rs 50/- , Outside India US $ 25/-