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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.41 - Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:
Vrads Sande, Tuesday, 23 May, 2006

A.  Rev. Master issued the following message:

After much thought I have come to two decisions which I am conveying to you all through this mail.
  1. The Milan Project is being regrettably abandoned.
  2. There will be only one seminar each calendar year. The November Seminar proposed for Lignano, stands cancelled.
  3. All European seminars will henceforth be held ONLY in Vrads Sande, to conserve expenditure.

B.  Rev. Master has issued the following clarification (original message dated May 12, 2006).  THIS REFERS TO TELEPHONE ACCESS ONLY.

I will no longer be accessible by telephone.  All administrative matters may be addressed to brother Ajay Kumar Bhatter, who will refer to me when and where necessary.  All other matters that require telephone access, abhyasis may contact brother Satbir Bakshi or brother Santosh Khanjee.”

Ajay Kumar Bhatter
        Email: akbhatter@srcm.org

        Satbir Bakshi - TELEPHONE MESSAGES ONLY
       Cell: +91 98400-39090 (SMS messages only during Rev. Master’s overseas travel)

        Santosh Khanjee
        Tel: +1 (512) 444-8737
        Email: santosh@srcm.org

May 27, 2006
Report by sister Judith Nelson, Scotland

Our Dear Master has now been with us six days in Vrads Sande Ashram and His presence here for the second time in 7 months has filled us with gratitude and joy. The weather has been incredibly wet and cold for the time of year, however, Master still managed to come and sit outside his cottage on two occasions yesterday.
The first time He appeared unexpectedly and the clouds parted to make way for the late afternoon sun. In very good humour and with a big smile He answered many questions from abhyasis. When asked ‘how does using the heart combine with logic in everyday life’ He answered that logic has its place, for example to help us read a map but when we use the heart there is no place for logic. He went on to explain that if you look at ‘love’ there is no logic in love.
Master then gave an example of how human beings can misunderstand love. In a very amusing way He played the part of an mother who allows her child to drink soda pop for breakfast instead of making the child eat a wholesome meal. She then cries for it not to leave her when it is dying a few years later of malnutrition.
When asked  ‘how can we best serve humanity?’ Master’s prompt reply was “Forget yourself completely”.
Later on after dinner Master came outside again to listen to two classical violin pieces beautifully played by brother Joshua Pollock from the U.S. The pieces were light and full of fun, and seemed to reflect Master’s enjoyment of the music. They certainly reflected the looks on the faces of the abhyasis all around who couldn’t believe this second blessing of his presence among us in just one day!
This morning dawned mild and sunny. Master took the chance to walk to the meditation hall through the grounds of the ashram and met many people on the way. We really feel that He has made Himself available to as many of us as He possibly can this week, despite the overwhelming workload He continues to shoulder.


2006_41_Master in cottage


2006_41_Vrads Sande