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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.46 - Friday, June 9, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:
June 3-5, 2006
Report by sister Tania Langaskova, Czech Republic

This time everything has been like a dream. A very fast dream. Starting with an incredible news a few weeks back of Master’s planned visit to Prague. At the same time another wonderful news reaches us, that two preceptors were being transferred to Prague for work, moving there with the whole family on June 1. We understand Master wanted to visit Prague and now He will have a place to stay with Martin and Babette at their new home. At the seminar Vrads Sande, we learn Master would like to meet East European abhyasis in Prague. Thanks to brother Jiri, our other preceptor who was in Prague, we arranged accommodation for the large group of Romanian abhyasis in the camping facility nearby and also identified the hotel for all the other abhyasis . We were still thinking that due to the limited resources and time we can keep the number to a maximum of 100 abhyasis and have everything happen in Martin’s house.  We also learnt that brothers and sisters from Belarus and Latvia would also like to come. Additionally, a number of non-East European abhyasis receiving the permission by Master to come to Prague kept on rising.  The decision was take to find a mediation hall close to where Master was going to stay.

On Sunday, May 29, three cars set out from Copenhagen on the journey to Prague.  The Danish brothers and sisters come along to help to prepare to receive Master and the group accompanying him.  Driving through the night with just a few short breaks, we reached Prague at 6.30 am on Monday, May 30. After a very short nap all of us set out to work on our individual tasks.  In just four and half days a wonder happened - on Friday evening, June 2, everything is ready for Master’s visit. The house, on arrival quite empty and a bit unfriendly, has been beautifully furnished and feels inviting and  comfortable. The preparations for the seminar have been finished - the “last minute“ seminar can begin.

Master and his convoy arrived at Martin’s house from Dresden on Saturday, June 3, round 11.30. A warm welcome in front of the house, with flowers handed over to Master and his daughter in law by the Prague Martin and Babette’s 4 year old son Poul. Master, in a very good mood, inspects the new home in Prague. He asks about the seminar programme and expresses his wish to visit the city in the afternoon. Still before lunch he gives a sitting to everybody assembled in the house. At 2 pm the meditation hall (that we have managed to find nearby) slowly begins to fill up. Everybody is very excited, above all the East European abhyasis, most of whom will get the first chance to see Master in person. In addition to the 20 Czech abhyasis (including one living in Brazil, one in Austria and two in Canada) there were brothers and sisters from Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Latvia and a group of 47 Romanians plus 7 children. The abhyasis from Belarus could not secure their visas on such a short notice.  We, however, felt that they are with us. All abhyasis were waiting in the hall, When Master arrived (to everyone joy) to conduct the satsangh planned. Afterwards, most abhyasis visited with Master at his residence where food service was promptly arranged for all present.

The Sunday morning satsangh in the mediation hall is conducted by Ajay.  At 10 am “Questions and Answers”, conducted by brother Ajay Bhatter and brother P.R. Krishna. The East European abhyasis had taken their seats in front and participated in the session with keen interest. At Master’s request, a lunch has been arranged on the premises for everybody – pizzas and salads in the hall and the Indian food in the house. Later in the day at 5 pm Master arrived at the meditation hall as planned. Surrounded by the East Europeans sitting in the front, he conducted a satsangh and then gave a speech. Afterwards, he talked at length about his connection  for the Slavs, narrating his experience in Yugoslavia as a young man with his characteristic sense of humour. At the end Master parted assuring all that he will visit Romania during his next visit. The atmosphere in the hall was charged with love and happiness - Master had kept his promise and had devoted much time to meet personally the East-Europeans. All of us felt very grateful  and connected as one big family. Most abhyasis left after satsangh, many expressing their thanks for having been able to take part at this very special gathering.

Master has visited Czech Republic in the time of a rapid social and economic change. I am convinced that Master’s visit has had a historic significance for the spiritual development for the whole region. Master has brought us all love and hope for the future. Well, you see, in Sahaj Marg dreams do come true. Thanks, Master.