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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.49 - Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

June 17, 2006
Brother A.P. Durai, Joint Secretary

Rev. Master has instructed that abhyasis DO NOT have permission to go to Pithoragarh ashram due to limited facilities to support such continuous visits. Anyone who plans to visit MUST inform the Headquarters at Chennai and get prior written permission to visit Pithoragarh ashram. All the CICs and ZICs are requested to notifiy the abhyasis in their centres of these instructions from Rev. Master.

For any further questions, please contact sister Lalita Sreenivasan at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Chennai, or by email to satkhol@srcm.org

July 29th – August 6th, 2006
Report by sister Malene Mikkelsen, Denmark

We warmly invite families to join the family seminar from July 29th to August 6th at Vrads Sande Ashram in Denmark. The purpose of the family seminar is for families to meet at a spiritual seminar that is specifically focused on our children and on parenthood. For the children of all ages it is an opportunity to create long lasting friendships – and thus to experience real brotherhood by crossing the boundaries of languages, nationalities and races. Furthermore it is a chance for the children and their parents to be together in an environment where the daily stress is left behind and time is devoted just to being together! At the seminar the children and teenagers can join creative workshops such as: a metal/pewter casting workshop, a pottery workshop, a nature-activity workshop, a singing workshop (choir and solo), a dance workshop, an art/collage workshop and a sculptural workshop. Photos from last year's family seminar, the seminar invitation and the registration form are available on the Mission's web site at http://www.srcm.org under "SRCM Worldwide". Or you can contact Vrads Sande Ashram directly at vrads@srcm.org. Kindly register before July 15th

August 5th to August 12th 2006
Report by brother Sarvesh Kumar, UK

We warmly invite you all to the Youth English Language School seminar that will run in Broomlee Ashram during the first week of August 2006.  The theme for the seminar is "Enthusiasm in all we do". This seminar is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to live, learn and grow together under the divine cover of Master's grace. We are now using a smaller part of Broomlee Ashram for the seminar, which means that there will be a reduction in the cost.  The seminar is spiritually based with English lessons as part of the experience. The aim of these lessons is to give abhyasis, of all English language abilities, the opportunity to improve their English level. If you are interested in coming to the seminar please contact one of the co-ordinators as soon as possible. Also, please follow the weblink below for further information and a registration form:

Co-ordinators' contact details
Simon Sheridan - Email: simonbehappy@yahoo.com  
Anna Dearden - Email: annadearden@hotmail.com  

Report by sister Malene Mikkelsen, Denmark

In Europe we were so very fortunate to have our beloved Master physically present among us for a big international gathering at Vrads Sande Ashram in Denmark in May 2006. Around 1700 people from more than 30 different nations attended the seminar. Thus a diversity of people from all over the world enjoyed the seminar together while thinking over and indeed experiencing the theme for the seminar given to us by Master: "How different are human beings from each other – if at all!?".  We request those abhyasis who attended the seminar to please provide us with your feed back. Your opinions and experiences are very helpful to us when planning future seminars. Please follow this link to the evaluation survey http://srcm.org/survey/entry.jsp?id=1150588333934