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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.57 - Friday, July 28, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

Report by brother Sriram Subramanyam - Nagoya,  Japan

New Delhi: 16th - 21st July 2006

Master spent most of his 6 day trip in New Delhi at an abhyasi's house catching up on some administrative duties and working in his office.  He made 4 new prefects in New Delhi & 10 in Ahmedabad.

In order to prepare for the forthcoming CREST Programme and ordering many books for the library, Master had to cancel his scheduled visit to Chandigarh.

Satsangh was held in the mornings at 9.00 AM and 5.00 PM at Br Sudhir's house.  Delhi centre had organized the satsangh schedule in such a way that abhyasis from a particular Zone of Delhi used to attend each session.  Master, as always, made a point to meet new abhyasis and everyone was left happy meeting him even if they could not talk to him in person.

Raipur: 21st - 25th July 2006

Along with Master, a group of around 80 Abhyasis boarded the IC 7477 flight from New Delhi at 10.00 AM and landed at Raipur airport at 12.00 noon.  Raipur is the capital of the newly formed Chattisgarh state bordered by Andhra, Orissa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. This is the first time a major celebration of this magnitude was being held here by the Mission.

After a brief period of rest, Master traveled 20 km to conduct satsangh at RR Ispat, a steel plant owned by an abhyasi.   We were informed that at least 200 factory employees had started meditation recently. It was raining very heavily during this visit. After the sitting from 5.30 PM to 6.00 p.m., Master toured the factory and returned to a Farm house called Ram Vatika which was to be his residence during his birthday celebrations.  It was a huge 2 acre plot, full of greenery all around with a car ramp coming directly to Master's residence. The celebration venue was only 4 km from this place.

On 22nd July, Br Bajpai conducted the group meditation in the morning at the celebration venue.  Master conducted the evening group meditation.

On 23rd July, Master conducted the morning meditation and solemnized 8 weddings. A Telugu translation of Principles of Sahaj Marg Volume 13 was released by Br Biksham of Hyderabad.   Thereafter a working committee meeting was held behind the stage where the Raipur Centre abhyasis had made a comfortable meeting room for Master. In the afternoon, there was a three hour meeting of  Zonal In charges and  Centre In charges wherein Br Ajay Bhatter, Br P.R. Krishna, Br Padu Nellayappan, Br Kamlesh Patel & Br Sanjay Meherish spoke. The concluding session was addressed by Br Bajpai & Br A.P. Durai.

Br Ajay Bhatter conducted the evening meditation. A set of Audio and Video Cassettes were released which included the "Securing the Future of the Mission" and "Babuji's Journey in Time-Part 2".  Master went to see a 7.5 acre land which was donated by Brother Dinesh Agarwal of Raipur Centre & conducted Meditation there.

Raipur: 24th July 2006

Master commenced his 79th birthday by getting ready at 4.30 in the morning to receive the abhyasis who had come to greet him. Master met as many people as possible  and  accepted all the warm birthday greetings and cut a cake at 5.15 a.m.  He arrived at the meditation hall at 8.50 AM, where he was greeted by a group of children of Raipur centre singing the birthday song.  An assembly of nearly 20,000 abhyasis from India and overseas joined joyfully.  After satsangh, Master conducted 10 weddings. This was followed by some soul stirring songs by Br Gurpreet Singh, Sr. Aparna Ghosh  and  Sr. Ranjana Mehta. The musical tribute ended with Sr. Ranjana singing the song "Hey Mere Gurudev" which is one of Master's favorites.

Master then spoke briefly, the audio of which is available in http://www.srcm.org/members/24july2006/index.jsp

The evening meditation was conducted by Br Ajay Bhatter and then Master arrived at the venue to attend a cultural program lasting 1.5 hours. Besides a Qawwali on Kabir and some dances by abhyasi sisters, the highlight of the evening was a dance drama presented by abhyasis of Baroda based on the life of Meera. The beautifully choreographed dance capturing Meera's irrepressible, undying divine love for her beloved Giridhar Gopal (Lord Krishna) moved the hearts of the gathering.  

Raipur: 25th July 2006

In the morning, Br Ajay Bhatter conducted the last satsangh of the celebration.  He then released a combined 3D photo of Babuji Maharaj and Chariji Maharaj, a limited edition of just 50 copies.

Br Ajay Bhatter gave a short talk and ended it with the announcement that the next celebration of our Beloved Master's 80th Birth Anniversary, also called Sadhabhishekam (a Tamil word signifying one who has seen 1000 full moons), will be held at Trichy in Tamil Nadu. Trichy is an important city in Southern India well connected by road, rail and air. He requested ALL abhyasis of the Mission to make it a point to attend this function in July 2007.

The concluding talk was given by Br Bajpai, Secretary SRCM India who thanked everyone present, the organisers and volunteers who made this possible. Special thanks were extended to Br Deepak Tyagi, Zone in charge Raipur as well as Br Dinesh Agarwal of Raipur who made this function at Raipur a grand success.  

After days of copious rain, the sun was shining as all abhyasi brethren got ready to go back to their homes carrying with them not only memories but the immense spiritual gift granted to them by our beloved Master.