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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.72 – Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

Report by brother S. Prakash , Ashram Maintenance Manager, Manapakkam, Chennai, India
26th September '2006

Saturday, 23rd September '2006 - Master spent close to 2 hours in the morning going around ashram and carrying out a general inspection. He inaugurated the newly constructed "Games Room" this morning. The games room has good facilities for indoor games such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess & Carom. Master also went into the bird cage and gave instructions for carrying out improvements within the bird cage. He met lots of abhyasis as well while moving about. His new Golf Cart is proving to be very convenient for Him to go around to various locations within Ashram premises. He also inspected the canal and wall work (which had been extensively damaged during last year's floods and now fully re-constructed). Abhyasis who were at the ashram were very happy as they were able to be with Him while He was on His rounds and talk to Him as well.

Sunday, 24th September '2006 - Satsangh hall was brimming today with abhyasis. After satsangh, Master gave away the certificates to youth program participants. In the evening, He spent time near the Fish Pond where some new Fish were added to the pond in His presence.

Master's overall health has been improving though He has been adviced complete rest for the next 1 month.


As our Beloved Master's message continues to spread to sincere seekers around the world, we are happy to inform you that the first Chinese translations were posted to our SRCM site on Monday, September 25 - both in simplified & traditional Chinese.   These pages may be accessed at http://www.srcm.org by selecting one of the Chinese languages from the drop down language menu near the top right.  This is a translation of our English welcome section, including the introductory information and photo tour.