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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.78 - Monday, October 23, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:
Report by Br. S. Prakash, Ashram Maintenance Manager, Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, Chennai, India

Abhyasis started arriving right from 19th October onwards for the Diwali Celebrations at Manapakkam Ashram, Chennai. Since Diwali fell on a Saturday (21st October '2006) there was a good amount of abhyasis at the ashram making it an extended week-end.
Rev. Master has been very very busy in the last few days as there were close to 6,000 abhyasis at the ashram. It was a mini-celebration and the atmosphere was also such. He had to meet lots of abhyasis, distribute Diwali gifts and also carry out so much of His administrative work.
On Friday, the 20th of October '2006 Rev. Master met and spent time with Preceptors from Uttar Pradesh. He spoke to them at length about Preceptors' work and the attitude they need to display while serving the Mission and its abhyasis.
Saturday the 21st of October '2006 was the Diwali Day. The early hours saw some sharp showers as it has become customary during Diwali days in Chennai. Later, Rev. Master met many abhyasis who had come to seek His Blessings and spend time with Him though the crowd was enormous. Abhyasis came inside the cottage in small groups throughout the day and Rev. Master very obligingly met them and spent time with them. It was very exhausting on Rev. Master to do this, but His Love for all of us made Him accept this physical ordeal.
The morning Satsangh was conducted by Br. Ajay Bhatter which was followed by some lovely Bhajans by Br. Gurpreet Singh. There was a wonderful dance program by Sr. Sowmya in the evening and Rev. Master attended & sat through the full session.
On Sunday the 22nd of October '2006 Rev. Master conducted the morning Satsangh and this was followed by some excellent rendering of Bhajans by Sr. Aparna. In the evening we had an entertaining Garba dance (folk dance) by abhyasis sisters from Ahmedabad and Baroda. Rev. Master Graced the occasion by His presence.
Overall, the last few days has been of a wonderful festive nature and it was a Mini-celebration time we had at Manapakkam Ashram.

Report by sister Diana Waycott, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

The October issue of Constant Remembrance is now available and will be distributed in the next few weeks. This issue features Master's recent talk Sahaj Marg Retreat Centres, the inaugural session of CREST, and thoughtful articles by abhyasis. The topic for this issue is 'Grace' and Somakumar's book "He the Wonder" continues to unfold.

As always, your heartfelt articles on your insights and experiences in your abhyas as well as on the topic are most welcome. The topic for the January 2007 issue is "Non-Attachment". Deadline for articles for the January issue is 1 November 2006. Please submit to <cr@srcm.org> and send as Word document attachments. To subscribe to Constant Remembrance, go to: http://www.srcm.org/bookstore/subscriptions.jsp and click on Constant Remembrance.

Report by brother S. Krishna Sai, Austin, Texas, USA

Rev. Master had approved the idea for a Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation Retreat Center for the Americas earlier this year, on the auspicious day of Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday), during the Inaugural CREST course earlier this year. It is with great joy and happiness we share that Rev. Master has approved the purchase of a 28-acre ranch property in Austin, Texas. The future home of SMSF-Americas Retreat Center will be located about 15 miles south of Austin. It presently has a primary 3 bedroom home (Master’s Cottage) and a 1 bedroom guest home (Caretaker / Director’s Cottage) with a work room which may be converted into a meditation hall. It is a working ranch with a lot of usable flat land, a creek and livestock corral type fencing around the entire perimeter of the property and a secondary fence around the house. It is located in the hub of Yoga/spiritual activity in Central Texas.
Rev. Master gave us the following guidance on the purpose of a retreat center during his talk on 9th August 2006: “… souls yearning for rest from glamour of this world, from the insistence on money-making, from the demands of power structures – lay all that behind us, and go there and relax, bring our souls to pristine purity and meditate, introspect, do some writing if you wish to do so …”