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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2007.12 - Friday, 09 February, 2007

Dear Sister / Brother: 


The transcript of Rev. Master’s talk given on Lalaji Maharaj’s 134th Birth Anniversary (2nd February, 2007) at Tiruppur, India can be accessed online at:  http://www.srcm.org/literature/recent.speeches/index.jsp

3 photos of Rev. Master at the Diamond Jubilee park taken during his recent visit to Tiruppur can be accessed at:

Report by S. Prakash, Ashram Maintenance Manager, Manapakkam, Chennai, India

The 5th batch of the “YOUTH PROGRAM” will be held from 1st April to 30th June 2007 at the Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, Chennai, India. The fourth batch of the YOUTH PROGRAM is running successfully and we are happy to announce the commencement of the next batch to accommodate more willing Abhyasi Brothers & Sisters from across, India including those who missed out in the earlier batches. This full time residential program will run from 1st April 2007 to 30th June 2007 (for a period of 3 months) and is aimed at training the YOUTH of Sahaj Marg in the various aspects of running an Ashram.
Salient features of this program: 

  1. Intense training on all facets of Maintaining an Ashram and on Sahaj Marg during their stay.
  2. In-house stay at the ashram, at no cost to the abhyasi participants, during the program period. Food and Bachelors’ Dormitory Accommodation will be provided at Ashram.

The following are eligible to apply for this program:

  1. Abhyasis from India between the age group of 20 to 40.
  2. Must have been practicing Sahaj Marg System of Meditation for at least 2 years at the time of applying.
  3. Must have attended at least two Bhandaras / Celebrations.
  4. Abhyasi Brothers & Sisters in the mentioned age group are welcome to apply.
  5. Must attach a certificate of conduct from the respective Zone-in-Charge, Centre-in-Charge or local Preceptor.
  6. Must not expect any other support, financial or otherwise (other than Food & Accommodation which will be provided free at Ashram) during the program. They must carry enough clothing for their stay and sufficient cash to cover their personal expenses.
  7. Must be highly disciplined and motivated to participate for the full tenure of the program. We intend restricting the size of the Fifth batch to 25 (Twenty Five only) and we will go on a first-come-first-served basis, provided the candidates fulfill the above criteria. Participants who complete the program successfully will be eligible for absorption as Ashram Staff in Manapakkam and across Ashrams in India.
Abhyasi brothers & sisters who are willing to apply for this program must route their applications (with complete resume in the attached format) through their respective ZIC / CIC / Preceptor on or before 28th of February ‘2007. Short listed candidates will be intimated by email / post / phone on or before 10th March '2007 after proper screening. They must report at Manapakkam Ashram by 29th of March ‘2007 and the program will commence on 1st April ‘2007. Kindly make photocopies of the attached application format for the use by applicants. The completed application copies can be forwarded to the below address.
S. Prakash - Ashram Maintenance Manager
Babuji Memorial Ashram,
Shri Ram Chandra Mission Road,
Manapakkam, CHENNAI - 600 116.
Ph: + 91 44 4217 1111 / 98400 96454