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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2007.16 - Thursday, 5 April 2007

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Update on Rev. Master’s recent tour programs
Report by S. Prakash, Manapakkam, INDIA

The months of February & March have been a very busy one for Rev. Master. He came back to Chennai after the Basant Utsav Celebrations from Tiruppur on the 3rd of February '2007.

Between 3rd & 14th of February '2007 He spent time in Chennai. He solemnised a wedding on Wednesday the 14th of February '2007 and left for a tour of the Western Parts of India on the same day evening. On this tour He went to Jaipur, Baroda, Ahmedabad and Mumbai before coming back to Chennai on Wednesday, the 28th of February '2007.

Rev. Master was at Chennai from then on till 12th of March '2007. On the 12th Rev. Master left on a tour of Tiruppur and returned back to Chennai on the 24th of March '2007.

Rev. Master solemnised a few weddings in the Manapakkam Ashram on Wednesday, the 4th of April '2007. The Youth Program (Batch 4) has come to an end and Rev. Master distributed the merit certificates to the youth program participants. The next Batch of the Youth Program participants are already here and the program is starting today for them. It is set to last 3 months.

Rev. Master left on a tour to Kolkata this evening and is expected back in Chennai by the 11th of April '2007.

Some recent photos of Rev. Master can be seen at:


Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s Birth anniversary celebrations in Brazil & Martinique
Report by Br. William Waycott

BRAZIL: To celebrate the birth-anniversary of our Beloved Babuji, the national seminar of Brazil will be held from 27 April to 1 May 2007 at the Pousada Fazenda Maristela located 100 km from the city of São Paulo.  The seminar will begin on Friday evening and finish on Tuesday afternoon.  The venue for the seminar is the same location where the Brazilian abhyasis have met for the last eight years, situated on converted coffee plantation, surrounded by nature.  Presentations and discussions will be in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.  Transportation between the São Paulo International Airport (airport code: GRU) and the venue will be provided by abhyasis.  All are welcome.  Please contact sister Tanja Junge (tanja@remaxglobal.com.br) for assistance and more information.  The registration forms in English and Spanish are located on the Mission's website: http://www.srcm.org/srcminfo/servlet/CenterTree?ViewSeminarInfo=1&NodeId=6  

MARTINIQUE: In celebration of the birth-anniversary of our Beloved Babuji, the abhyasis of Martinique will hold their national seminar from 28 to 30 April 2007 in Le Lorrain, on the Atlantic side of the island. The seminar will begin on Saturday morning and finish on Monday afternoon. Presentations and discussions will be in English, French, and Spanish. Transportation between the Fort de France International Airport (airport code: FDF) and the venue will be provided by abhyasis. All are welcome. Please contact sister Agnès Nicolas (Agnes.NICOLAS2@wanadoo.fr) for assistance and more information. The registration forms in English, French, and Spanish are also available from Agnès Nicolas (Agnes.NICOLAS2@wanadoo.fr).  See you there.