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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2007.17 - Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Rev. Master’s visit to Kolkata
Report submitted by abhyasis of Kolkata centre

Rev. Master’s visit to Kolkata between the 4th and 11th of April was a period of both great joy as well as subtle learning and wisdom for all abhyasis here as Master taught through his informal conversations as well as by his own actions about various things.

Speaking about pain, Master said that fear multiplies all pain; ignore pain and it will have no effect. Pain is a safety system, attend to it, don’t succumb to it. If you have a thorn in your foot, it pains. Just pick it out and it is gone. But after that must we go on talking about the pain we had or remember it?

Master spoke about the true story of an Italian marathon runner who never felt any pain, during one such race a needle pricked his foot and since he did not feel any pain, he did not realize it and bled to death. Therefore pain is there for you to give attention, remove the cause and then the pain may take 2 minutes to go, 2 hours to go or may even go immediately. However, pain should not be spoken about, fussed about, even just to be polite because politeness means hypocrisy.

He said one does not have to go to psycho-analysts, go to priests or go to gurus, but self-confidence must be multiplied. And how is it multiplied? By bearing little pain we are able to bear more and more pain. The only way of becoming stronger is by bearing pain.

When asked what was the best way to love, Master replied there was no best way to love or a worst way to love, the way to love is to love.

When someone told Master that he was not comfortable during meditation and he could not do it, Master replied that if he gave a medicine, one has to drink it, there is no choice about it. In any case, meditation was never meant to be comfortable. Meditation has been done in history under the most uncomfortable and dangerous circumstances; people went to meditate in jungles, sat on thorns, surrounded by tigers and lions. Vishwamitra is believed to have meditated for 25,000 years and achieved what we are supposed to get in one lifetime. That is why Babuji has said he wanted lions.

On another occasion Master said that senses are tools to navigate the system of life, for the purpose for which God gave it to us but we use it for pleasure.

Master taught everyone not only through words but also through his own being, whether it was the importance of preserving nature and it resources by not wasting water or even wasting tissue papers but instead using and re-using them properly saying that they represented 1/100 of a tree.

Photos of Rev. Master taken during this visit to Kolkata may be seen at:


Constant Remembrance Quarterly – April 2007 Issue released

The April issue of Constant Remembrance is now being distributed. This issue contains Master's recent talk on Communication given at the CREST seminar in December, along with the second installment of Dr. Balasubramanian's explanation of the Vedic roots of Sahaj Marg spirituality, the continuation of V.K. Somakumar's book, He, the Wonder, and other articles and poems. The topic section in this issue is on Peace.  The cover of this issue may be seen at:


Subscribers may contact their local bookstore, SRCM Administrator, or centre-in-charge to obtain their copies.

Those wishing to subscribe to Constant Remembrance may refer to the instructions at: http://www.srcm.org/bookstore/subscriptions.jsp


Satsangh schedule for Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s Birth Anniversary Celebrations (30, April 2007)

A full day's program may be held (on Monday, the 30th April 2007) in all SRCM centres with two satsanghs.  In India, the satsanghs will be held at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. In other countries, the time for the satsanghs will be fixed according to local convenience.  Wherever there are ashrams of the Mission, abhyasis of nearby centres may gather together there and celebrate the auspicious day