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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2007.19 - Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Rev. Master’s visit to Dubai for Babuji Maharaj’s Birth Anniversary Celebrations
Report contributed by S. Subramaniam, UAE centre

Rev. Master’s arrival on 25th April afternoon from hot & sunny Chennai into a hotter and sunnier afternoon in Dubai signaled the unofficial start of celebrations for Beloved Babuji Maharaj’s 108th Birth Anniversary.  All the abhyasis from the Middle East have been in a daze following Master’s decision to be with us in Dubai for this special occasion which is so dear to Him.  Preparations commenced just three weeks ago when Master had announced his intent to be in Dubai for the event.

The celebrations commenced officially on the 29th morning with Master arriving at the venue as always well in time.  A large gathering of abhyasis from the Gulf, India, US & Europe greeted him warmly on his arrival in a multitude of languages.  The venue was decked up to match the festive mood that prevailed in the abhyasis who had come from various parts of the globe to be with the beloved Master.

Following the first satsangh conducted by Master, Br. Shankar from the UAE centre gave a solo vocal performance of specially selected songs for the occasion.   This kept the gathering in rapt attention for over half hour. 

The evening satsangh was conducted by Master who insisted on being with us despite his below par health.  Master left the venue after the satsangh to catch up on his ever present work.  The rest of the evening’s program was enlivened by a melodious flute recital by Br. Gopal, an amateur musician from Dubai. 

The 30th morning dawned bright and sunny and the gathering of abhyasis had increased with many more joining in to partake in this unique event in the history of UAE centre.  Master arrived early dressed in crisp white cottons to conduct the morning satsangh.  We all could see the spring in his step that displayed his inner joy.  The abhyasis too had turned out in festive attire and the entire atmosphere was one of gaiety and warmth.

After satsangh, Br. Sridhar Cadambi from Dubai centre gave a touching talk to commemorate Babuji on his birth anniversary.  He quoted from Babuji and Chariji’s talks with emphasis on discipline and patience.  During his talk, one could see Master paying rapt attention to the nostalgia that underlined Br. Sridhar’s evocative speech.

After the satsangh, Sister Visalakshmi, a music teacher and abhyasi from Dubai presented a short yet touching vocal rendition of bhajans that matched the mood of the occasion.  The rest of the morning was dedicated to a video show on Babuji’s life and times.

The evening of 30th was filled with more excitement and a little noisier too thanks to a large no. of children who had gathered to meet their beloved Master and present a short cultural program after the evening satsangh.  Prior to the children’s program Master had selected a special message of Babuji from ‘Whispers from the Brighter World’ to be read to the abhyasis.  Master then joined all the abhyasis to watch the half hour children’s program and chortled frequently at the disarming charm, both intended & unintended humour that the children bought on stage.  He set all the young hearts a flutter with his full participation in the proceedings.  The children’s program was an apt climax to a memorable day of events graced by our beloved Master.  

May 1st  - The final day of the celebrations dawned with a wistful feeling among many of us as this signaled an end to the 3 days of partaking in the grace and blessings that these occasions bring with them.  A satsangh was held in the morning followed by an inspiring talk by Br. Jacky touching upon the key aspect of living in the present and maintaining the condition attained during these special occasions.  He very aptly called Babuji’s Birth anniversary celebrations as a special feast for Master and we were privileged to be a part of it.  The celebrations came to an official end and everybody left the venue with a feeling of gratitude and happiness balanced by the thought that we will have to wait for just another 3 months to reunite and partake in yet another special occasion.


Inauguration of the Berlin Ashram (April 30, 2007)
Report contributed by Regina Klautschek, Berlin Centre

The inauguration of the Berlin Ashram took place on April 30, 2007.  Brother Ajay Bhatter cut the ribbon to inaugurate the hall then conducted the inaugural satsangh. Afterwards Br. Christian Macketanz delivered a welcome speech, in which he reminded us of Master’s exclamation one year ago when he was sitting in the circle of Berlin Abhyasis: “I am not here in Berlin. I am with my sisters and brothers and it doesn’t matter to me whether it is Berlin or Timbuktu or Tokyo as long as I am with my family.” He reminded us that the Ashram is not a Berlin Ashram but a universal home for all humanity.

Br. Ajay pointed out how the atmosphere of the new Ashram had already changed, though the actual building - brick, window and hall - had remained the same. He expressed his personal happiness that Master’s vision had become true. He read Master’s message which had been dedicated to this occasion:

“The way this property in Berlin came to us is a miracle. Miracles can occur only if we allow them to occur. Nature forces nothing upon us. When Nature knows that we are ripe to receive some of its blessings, the door opens, and something showers down upon us.  If, at that moment, we reject it by turning away from it in fear, disgust or rejection, Nature withdraws the gift intended for us. 

I am glad that at last the people of this country have been able to respond to Nature by an act of acceptance.  The sleeper is at last showing signs of waking up! 

May the awakening be full, and the ability to receive Nature's gifts with the heart become permanent. May HE continue to shower his grace and blessings upon us all. Love to all."

With Love and Master's Blessings,

After morning satsangh on April 30th, Br. P. R. Krishna released a souvenir made for the special occasion of the inauguration of the Berlin Ashram and Babuji Maharaj’s birthday celebrations. He said that some things come out hard and some things come out easily. This Ashram came up very easily. It is not only a gift but also a responsibility.

In the following speeches the need of a living Master was emphasized and we were encouraged to bring Sahaj Marg into the world by being a living example.  Br. Ajay made us all laugh when he compared the life of an abhyasi with a football that is kicked around, but whatever happens it should reach the goal. “No matter what happens the goal should always be in sight.” It has been a very happy and joyful morning.

Photos of the Berlin Ashram inauguration may be seen at the links below:


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