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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2007.31 – Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Contents of this newsletter:

  1. He, the Hookah and I – new subscriptions
  2. SPURS Retreat Ranch – Austin, TX, USA

1. He, the Hookah and I – new subscriptions

As announced at Tiruppur, new subscriptions for He The Hookah And I are now available.  The last date for sending in new subscriptions is 15 September 2007.

Subscription requests can be made online at:

Subscription donation amounts may also be sent by post to:

Publications Department
He The Hookah And I subscriptions
Babuji Memorial Ashram
Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Chennai 600 116

Donation amounts may please sent by cheque or DD in the name of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, payable at Chennai.  Please clearly indicate that this donation is towards this subscription.

CinCs / Secretaries are requested to consolidate all the requests from their respective centres and send a consolidated list and  donation.

2.  SPURS Retreat Ranch at Austin, TX, USA

Earlier this year SMSF procured the SPURS Retreat Ranch for the Americas, in Austin, USA (http://www.srcm.org/members/ssandesh/2007/2007_23.jsp ). We are happy to announce that Rev. Master has permitted us to commence the Retreat Programs at SPURS starting 4th September 2007, the auspicious birthday of Shri Krishna (Krishna Jayanthi, or Janmashtami). As our brothers and sisters may recall, it was exactly a year ago on this auspicious day, Rev. Master permitted us to begin the search for the property.

We have already received several requests for participation in the retreat program. We request abhyasis interested in participating to review the details below and submit their application form at the earliest.

Information on the Web

The information on SPURS is available on the web at:

Program Information

Please refer to the program description at the link above for details on the Retreat Programs at SPURS.

Rev. Master has described the purpose of the retreat as follows:

"a RETREAT was always for the few, who needed to retreat from everyday life, and retire in seclusion to introspect, meditate, brood over one's inner condition etc. The purpose was to re-enter normal everyday life refreshed spiritually to face life with a renewed sense of purpose, to restore balance to one's life. A retreat can never be for the many or for the Multitude"

It is with this Guidance that the Retreat Program at SPURS has been designed. The highlights of the program are as follows:

  • The retreat program at SPURS will commence on 4th Sep 2007
  • The Retreat will accommodate up to 20 abhyasis at a time
  • The batches will be separated by Men and Women
  • Abhyasis may stay from 3 to 30 days
  • Abhyasis coming for the 3 day program will do no activities at the ranch. They are there to live in a "cave" trying to look inward and develop their abhyas. This is truly a time for them to introspect and dive within.
  • The accommodation will be simple consisting of bunk beds and mattresses
  • Food will be simple centered around rice and bread. The “retreatants” are expected to attend to the food themselves at the ranch. The kitchen at the ranch will contain the required supplies
  • There will be no training activities at SPURS
  • There will be a library containing Mission literature and books on several subjects
  • There will be a resident prefect at SPURS

Application Process & Contact Information

Abhyasis from the Americas (USA, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean) who are interested in participating are requested to fill the application form located at http://www.sahajmarg.org/welcome/retreat/austin/request.pdf and mail it to:

SPURS Retreat Ranch
11907 Jim Bridger Drive
Austin, TX 78737, USA
E-mail: austin@sahajmarg.org

Applicants will be notified by e-mail with the confirmation and a guide for participation in the program. Applicants are requested to complete the form fully before submitting. Please e-mail austin@sahajmarg.org for any queries or information regarding the programs or participation.

Over the last year it has been a joyous journey of discovery for those of us involved in the project, and we are eagerly awaiting the commencement of the program at SPURS under HIS Guidance.

best regards,
SPURS Retreat Ranch Management.