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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2007.34 - Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Contents of this newsletter:

  1. Rev. Master’s visit to Kolkata
  2. Report on regional seminar held in Moscow

1.  Rev. Master’s visit to Kolkata
13th to 18th September, 2007

Rev. Master arrived in Kolkata on Thursday, 13th evening, looking tired yet happy as He greeted the large gathering of abhyasis who had come to the Airport to receive Him.

In His short stay in Kolkata, Master was quite relaxed yet extremely busy making prefects for various centres as well as receiving and talking to abhyasis.  Master was very happy to see abhyasis from Bhutan where the Mission now has centres and even made two prefects for the country.

Master was surrounded by abhyasis almost all the time and He was teaching all of us, both subtly as well as in his conversations about various percepts of spirituality and about the way one must model one’s life. Some of the various things that He said in His informal conversations during his stay are as follows.

Master said that the main cause for the Mahabharata war was Yudhisthira  for when Duryodhana invited him to play a game of dice, Duryodhana had said that my uncle Shakuni will play the game on his behalf.  Yudhisthira should have immediately said that Lord Krishna would play the dice on his behalf but he did not do so and instead chose to play the game himself which led to his defeat. Master mentioned that the ego of a righteous person is more subtle than that of a grosser person and hence has the potential for causing greater harm.

Speaking about success, Master said that spiritual law does not demand success or results – it only looks for effort.

Speaking about fear, Master said that all that we fear is related to only one fear, which is the fear of death. And if this is removed all other fears will go away. Whatever has to occur will occur, we cannot stop it. So instead of worrying about anything, we should accept whatever comes to us and do whatever duty which has been entrusted to us with a sense of enjoyment. Such a person will not be afraid.

After Master finished drinking water, a young girl offered him a tissue napkin to wipe his mouth. After doing that Master kept the napkin in his pocket and said that it has not been spoilt and can be re-used at the dinner table. He asked the girl if she realized how many trees had been cut just to produce the small pack of tissues that she was carrying!

Being with the Master is an education in itself as He teaches us through His own actions and words about how we should lead our lives and so when we are with Him, we should make an effort to observe and imbibe these things from Him rather than worrying about mundane things like our accommodation or the food during the days that we are visiting Him or traveling to centres where He is present. 

Master left Kolkata on the 18th for Lucknow from where He is to travel to Satkhol by road after visiting a few centres on the way.

Some pictures taken during this period may be seen at:


Report on regional seminar held in Moscow
19th to 23rd September, 2007

A regional seminar for Russian speaking abhyasis of CIS and the Baltic countries commenced on the 19th September and concluded on the 23rd September, 2007. It was held in the outskirts of Moscow in a beautiful resort complex about 20 kilometres from the city. In all, 426 abhyasis and children from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Lithuania came together.

The seminar was hosted by a team of Russian abhyasis headed by Centre-in-charge Sr. Madhavi Khurana..The Region in-charge, Br. A. P Durai, also accompanied by Sr. Daphne Durai, conducted the sessions under Rev. Master’s instructions.

The focus of the seminar was less on talks and meetings but on correct practice and understanding of the three M’s. Sessions of clarifications on practice of Sahaj Marg system were held everyday. The Master’s spiritual presence was felt all through and was reflected in the joy and spontaneity of the participating abhyasis.

Master’s talks on DVD were played with Russian translations and the connection with Master was experienced in these sessions.  Cultural programs held every day after dinner were presented so lovingly and beautifully by abhyasis from each country, representing their culture, giving the impression that they are performing very much in the physical presence of  Rev. Master.