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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2008.1 – Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Rev. Master at Manapakkam
Report submitted by S. Prakash,
Ashram Maintenance Manager, Manapakkam on 1st Jan 2008

30th December '2007 - Sunday: Rev. Master arrived in the early hours of Sunday from Brussels by a Jet Airways flight which landed by around 2.15 am. at the Chennai International Terminal. There were more than 400 abhyasis waiting for Him patiently at the arrival area. Rev. Master returned to India after almost a month and abhyasis were very keen to see their beloved Master upon His arrival. Rev. Master was looking quite fresh and spent considerable time in acknowledging the crowd of abhyasis who had gathered at the airport to see Him. Later He drove to the Babuji Memorial Ashram, where many abhyasis had arrived in large numbers to be with Him to bring in the New Year. He once again spent time in acknowledging the loving reception which was given to Him.

In spite of His long flight and the late night arrival, Rev. Master was up and ready quite early in the morning. He conducted the Sunday morning Satsangh much to the delight of the 3,000 odd abhyasis who had assembled in the hall. He was busy for the rest of the day in preparing prefects and attending to various administrative tasks.

31st December '2007 – Monday: Rev. Master was busy the whole day in preparing prefects and administrative work. In the evening, He drove around the ashram in His golf cart. Many abhyasis had arrived from several parts of the country to be with Him for the New Year. He managed to go around the ashram amidst the surging crowd of abhyasis and it was really a sight to see Rev. Master handling the huge crowd which was pushing hard to get a close glimpse of Him.

There was a flute recital in the evening by Br. Atul Kumar, an abhyasi and professional flutist. The recital lasted for around 90 minutes and Rev. Master watched and enjoyed it.

1st January '2008 – Tuesday: Rev. Master conducted the morning satsangh with over 5,000 abhyasis present. After the Satsangh, Rev. Master distributed participation certificates to the Youth Program Trainees of Batch VII which has just concluded. He spent some time with the participants on the stage and also took a group photo with them. In the evening, He spent some “quiet time” near Babuji Maharaj’s statue outside His cottage. Overall, the abhyasis who had come to be with Rev. Master for the birth of the New Year 2008 had a special time, soaking in His love and the spiritual ambience that seems to have descended upon Manapakkam Ashram.

Some photographs taken during this period may be seen at: