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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2008.33 – Wednesday, 5 November, 2008

Dear Sister/Brother:

Rev. Master in Bangalore
October 31 November 5, 2008
Report contributed by Br. A P Durai

Rev. Master arrived from Dubai on the evening of the 31st October. He was received by a small gathering of abhyasis and then he proceeded to his residence in Shubh Enclave off Sarjapur Road. He seemed to be in good spirits and happy to be back.

The next day, Master relaxed but yet had conversations with abhyasis and gave sittings. During the post lunch session, he referred to the linguistic chauvinism rearing its head in India. He regretted that after independence, the demand for creation of Andhra Pradesh on linguistic basis had been created, which led to the present fragmentation and divisiveness among people. "Perhaps all this has to happen before change occurs." he said.

On Sunday the 2nd November, Master arrived at the meditation hall (named Param Dham, meaning 'ultimate abode') situated behind his residence. He saw the small crowd of abhyasis waiting near the entrance and said, "So much discipline! My congratulations!" He cut the ribbon and inaugurated the complex, then went around on a detailed tour of the facilities on the ground and the next two floors.

Pram Dham, a beautifully designed red brick building consists of a meditation hall, kitchen, library and office on the ground floor. The other two floors contain 32 rooms for residents, two guestrooms and two dormitories.

After satsangh, Master spoke for a few minutes. Some excerpts from his speech are:

  1. Param Dham is the abode where one goes never to return to this existence. This facility should be used for reaching the destination.
  2. This has been built with great love and hope. It should be used regularly and fully.
  3. You should have a peaceful and wonderful spiritual life here.
  4. Satsangh on Sundays and Wednesdays will be held here for abhyasis of South Bangalore.
  5. In five years, this place might be found inadequate. In that case, I will be happy like the parents who see that their children are outgrowing their clothes.
  6. Organic planning means providing additional facilities as we grow.

Afterwards, Master was talking to an abhyasi and his message to him (which is relevant to all of us) was, "There is nothing called global. Everything is in your heart. The heart is the universe. If the heart is all right, the universe is all right."

Some photographs taken during this visit may be seen at: