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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2008.35 – Sunday, 23 November, 2008

Dear Sister/Brother:

Rev. Master in Manapakkam
Report submitted by S. Prakash, Ashram Maintenance Manager

12th November 2008 - Wednesday: Rev. Master arrived in the evening by road from Bangalore, after a brief halt at the ashram at Natrampalli. He was tired but looked in good spirits. He spent time with the eager abhyasis who had queued up to see Him on His arrival.

15th November 2008 - Saturday: Rev. Master spent time with the "GAIA Club" (a wing of LMOIS named after the Greek's ancient Earth Goddess). He spoke to them at length about nature, preservation, global warming etc. Towards the end, as parting advice, He told them "Be Natural, Be Fearless & Have Faith".

16th November 2008 - Sunday: After the morning Satsangh, Rev. Master released some books.

19th November 2008 - Wednesday: Rev. Master conducted the morning Satsangh after which He solemnised 13 weddings.

Some pictures taken during this period can be seen at: