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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2008.5 - Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Contents of this newsletter:

  1. Rev Master in Kolkata, Hyderabad & Manapakkam
  2. Rev Babuji Maharaj’s 109th Birth Anniversary Celebrations in Cleveland, OH, USA
  3. New MP3 CDs released

1. Rev. Master in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Manapakkam

Rev. Master visited Kolkata from January 18 to January 25, and Hyderabad from January 25 to 28.   Some photos taken in Kolkata may be seen at:



Rev. Master was received at the airport by around 500 abhyasis. He drove to the ashram in Thumukunta, where He was welcomed by several thousands of abhyasis who lined up in a disciplined manner from the main gate to the cottage entrance.

On Sunday the 27th he solemnized 4 weddings after the morning satsangh and laid the foundation stone for a “childrens’ centre”. Talking to the children present, He urged them to study well, be truthful, obedient and loving towards all. 

Rev. Master expressed his joy at the disciplined behavior of the abhyasis on various occasions. He was quite relaxed and happy and spent over an hour each day sitting outside his cottage with abhyasis, providing clarifications on various vital aspects of Sahaj Marg Sadhana.  In all, over 7,500 abhyasis participated in this long-awaited visit of Master to Hyderabad.  Some photos taken in Hyderabad may be seen at:



28th January '2008 - Monday - Rev. Master returned from Hyderabad by an Indian Airlines flight in the evening, which was delayed by around 45 minutes. He was given a very warm reception at the airport by around 200 abhyasis, after which He drove to the Babuji Memorial Ashram in Manapakkam.

1st February '2008 - Friday - Rev. Master conducted the morning Satsangh and solemnised 12 weddings. There were close to 3,500 abhyasis present in Satsangh and a festive atmosphere seems to have descended upon the ashram for Lalaji Maharaj's Birthday on the next day.

2nd February '2008 - Saturday - Rev. Master conducted the morning Satsangh. More than 4,000 abhyasis have assembled in the ashram to be with Rev. Master on this joyous occasion. The evening Satsangh was conducted by Br. Ajay Bhatter. There was a Carnatic Vocal Musical Concert in the evening by Sister Priyanka Raman.

3rd February '2008 - Sunday - Rev. Master conducted the morning satsangh and solemnised 14 weddings.

Some photos taken in Manapakkam may be seen at:



2. Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s 109th Birth Anniversary Celebrations
April 28 to May 1, 2008 - Cleveland, OH, USA

Rev Babuji's 109th Birth Anniversary Celebrations will be held at Cleveland, Ohio, USA as an International Seminar from April 28th to May 1st.  Rev Master has personally invited all abhyasis to participate in this event, and the invitation letter, handwritten by Rev. Master, is being mailed to all abhyasis around the world.

Rev Master has suggested the following theme for the celebration: Here and Now... or Never!

Please register for this seminar by clicking: http://www.srcm.org/april30. The registration software is currently available in English and French.  Please click the flag on top right corner of www.srcm.org/april30 to register in French. Registration will be available in German, Spanish and Italian very soon.  In order to help with the planning, all abhyasis are encouraged to register by March 30, 2008.

About 1700 abhyasis, including children, from around the world have already registered for this seminar.

The registration website provides information on venue, accommodation, visa, etc. for travel to Cleveland.  We have negotiated discounted rates with airlines and with hotels near the venue. SRCM shuttles will be provided from the Airport and all the listed hotels to the venue.  Additional information on this seminar is available at:

International Prefects Workshop

Rev Master has approved an international prefects workshop to be held on 26th and 27th of April in Cleveland.  Additional information related to registration will be communicated to all preceptors next week.

Should abhyasis have specific questions on this seminar, they are welcome to send an email to April30celebrations@sahajmarg.org.


3. New MP3 CDs Released

The following MP3 CDs have been recently released and will be available for distribution to Audio Video corpus members through their centre coordinators. 

They are also available for sale from the bookstore at the Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, Chennai, India or through your centre coordinator.

  1. Collected talks of the Masters, MP3 Series - Volume 5 – 1989
    Continuation of the chronological series of talks given by Shri. P. Rajagopalachari.   Contains 27 talks given by Revered Master during 1989 in India and on his visits to Europe and USA.
  2. HeartSpeak 2005
    Contains 22 talks given by Revered Master during 2005 in India, and on his visits to UAE and Denmark.

The covers for these CDs may be seen at:

Abhyasis may subscribe for the Audio Video corpus at http://www.srcm.org/corpus/avc,  or through their centre coordinators.