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Dear Sister/Brother:

Transcript of Master's Speech on 1st January, 2009

The transcript of a speech given by Master after satsangh on January 1, 2009 at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam can be viewed at: http://www.srcm.org/literature/recent.speeches/090101 Chennai.jsp

January 2009 Issue of Constant Remembrance

The January 2009 issue of this SRCM global quarterly will be distributed soon. Contents include various talks by Master on Character Formation; an article on Brotherhood by P.R. Krishna; and the Topic section on Pain. Sahaj Marg Around the World contains articles on the Baltic Sea Seminar, the Youth Convention in Pune and the All India Essay Writing competition. The topic for the April 2009 issue is Gratitude.

The cover of this issue can be seen at:
http://www.srcm.org/bookstore/newreleases/090101 cr.jsp

Your heartfelt articles on the topic or on your insights into the Sahaj Marg practice are welcome. Please send to cr@srcm.org by the deadline of 1 Feb 2009.