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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2009.7 – Sunday, February 22, 2009  

A report of Master's visit to various centres(February 5-17, 2009)

The following detailed reports cover the visits made by Master to various centres including Moradabad, Hapur, New Delhi, Sonepat, Jaipur, Bhopal & Indore.

Some photographs taken during this period can be seen at the links below:

Kashipur, Hapur, Sonepat & Jaipur:



Bhopal & Indore:



February 5th (Hapur and New Delhi),

After breakfast, Master left for Hapur centre enroute to Delhi. He arrived in Hapur at about 11.30 am and Master was very cheerful and met the abhyasis gathered there. The meditation hall in the ashram, which stood in the midst of mustard fields had a beautiful urban atmosphere. Master conducted satsangh and after a lunch served lovingly by the abhyasis, Master proceeded to reach Delhi at about 3.30pm.


February 6th and 7th (Sonepat)

On 7th of February Master went to Sonepat to inaugurate the ashram in Sonepat. After conducting Satsangh, Rev. Master gave an enlightening talk in which he said that God is only to be found in love and the way to communicate with Him is in the only language He speaks- silence. He emphasized that we must remove all external manifestations of differences in nationalities, language and religion and love each other as He loves us. Master spoke of the need for every abhyasi to inculcate love and discipline together in oneself.

This was followed by a very melodious music session by Br Gurpreet and Master left for Delhi after lunch.

Rev. Master had been traveling since the 19th of January and after a long and hectic schedule, he took rest to get ready for the next leg of the tour.

A small gist of the informal conversations follow:

  1. We want reason because we are not willing to face our conscience and we give an argument that we do it because everybody does it.  
  2. We want to be free. Freedom today is associated with irresponsible activities.
  3. We all know what we have to do, but we don't do it. Knowing and doing are two different things. Will power links the two together.
  4. Referring to the real manner in which we should be present at a place in totality at any point of time, He said that one who really sees will not photograph.
  5. Talking about butchers and slaughter houses in the context of non-veg food, He said that only God has the right to take life. Even if it is done in a manner of self defense or duty, one adds on to one's samskaras and therefore has to pay for it.
  6. Conscience is never governed by God, it is here (pointing to the heart)
  7. Love of God and love of Guru, whom He has chosen to represent Him. Only in this sphere (field) there is no disappointment. He explained that it is because when one loves totally, there is no expectation for oneself. In all human love, it is expectation.
  8. Something can affect me only if it is present in my heart. If only, God is present there, then there is no issue.
  9. He said that either 'LOVE IS OR IS NOT.' There is no intermediate developing stage or a step-by-step process. It is like churning for butter. It all comes up together in an instant, not in bits and parts. If one gets disappointed and leaves in between then it is gone.
  10. Master spoke about the eleventh Maxim in which He has said, "Expect not for thou shall not be disappointed." He added on that 'expect not, even from the Master'. Expectation is not only wrong, it is a betrayal as it reflects a lack of faith.
  11. The Guru withholds nothing from the abhyasi. If the abhyasi is not getting, it means he is not ready for it. He said that if we understand this, there is no contention.
  12. He mentioned that the Guru has the best to give, the aspirant should have a matching need.
  13. Master said that today, the words 'prasad' and 'darshan' are not correctly understood. Abhyasis are contended to have just a glimpse of the Master and receive sweets from Him. He then sadly commented that "Do people really want 'IT'?" They want prasad so long as there is no responsibility. They are happy to lead a life where we can easily get away with things.
  14. Surrender is the best. "Whatever happens is His wish."


February 8th (New Delhi)

Master arrived at Gurgaon ashram and immediately went to the meditation hall to conduct satsangh. He announced for the mobile phones to be switched off and then said, "hearts to be switched on". He mentioned that our hearts are like camera shutters. 

" when you take a photograph, the shutter is briefly opened and closed. That is how our hearts are functioning. But when you sit for satsangh, you must have the shutter permanently open. You understand. After that, it should never close. It means total sensitivity to the spiritual and unfortunately, also to the material world. So you've got to, sort of mentally filter out the material world and let only the spiritual come in all the time. That is one of the big secrets for success in spiritual life. Please write it down".

The sitting was very light, subtle and deep, lasting for a little over 45 minutes. In spite of Master's clear directive, one mobile rang during the meditation and Master asked the abhyasi to come and apologize. For the past few months Master has been strictly emphasizing on mobile phones to be switched off and not even to be put in silent or vibrator mode as it disturbs one's own meditation and also of others around.

Master decided to leave for Jaipur immediately after satsangh. After almost a five hour drive, Master reached Jaipur and appeared fresh upon arrival. He came out and met the abhyasis assembled to welcome him and conducted satsangh.  


February 9th (Jaipur)

The zonal ashram at Jaipur had a large gathering of abhyasis from all over Rajasthan and the near by places. The atmosphere was festive with the abhyasis waiting patiently and lovingly for Master. After a morning's rest, Master came to the ashram in the evening much to the joy of all the abhyasis. After conducting satsangh, he sat in the garden. Some abhyasis brought their children to be named by Him and he said that from henceforth, he would give names to babies on the sole condition that the parents would not use any caste name or surname with the name given by him.


February 10th (Jaipur)

In the morning, Master went to the ashram and conducted satsangh. For the rest of the day he was busy with work. He mentioned that he had too much work and very little time. This is a message for all abhyasis to put in more urgency into our sadhana and keep a single pointed focus in our vision. Every moment of his routine throughout the day is an example before us, on how to conduct our lives without wasting a single second and understanding the value of time while we have it.


February 11th (Jaipur)

Master conducted the morning satsangh in the ashram. This was followed by a rendition of a song by an abhyasi sister and a beautiful poem recited by a young child on her love for Master. After this the children of Jaipur presented a play based on the incident from the Mahabharata, where in a test of archery skills, only Arjuna displays the one pointedness at the goal. They concluded with the message given by Master on the five principles to be adopted for success in any endeavor:

  1. Acquire knowledge and understanding of the goal to be achieved.
  2. Select the right way or approach to achieve that goal.
  3. Correctly assess one's current state.
  4. Attract to oneself all favourable forces which will conduce to achievement of the goal.
  5. Repel or do away with all adverse factors standing in the way of the goal.

During an informal conversation in the afternoon, Master mentioned that there is no such thing as a pre-destined life. In a sense, everything CAN happen, but what WILL happen depends on my 'will'.

He gave the example of traveling from one place to another. On that road, there may be many roads branching in different directions and there may be junctions too. Which road I choose depends on my 'will' and accordingly, I turn the steering wheel of my car.

February 12th (New Delhi)

Master left for Delhi after breakfast and reached Gurgaon ashram about 3 in the afternoon. In the evening he conducted the satsangh at 6.00 p.m.


February 13th (Bhopal)

After approximately 4 yrs. Rev. Master was visiting Madhya Pradesh, and arrived at approximately 8 pm by a flight from New Delhi. He proceeded to the Hotel where He would be staying. Although appearing weary from the journey, we felt his spirit was bubbling with liveliness as he met with several abhyasis who were eager to meet him before going to bed.


February 14th (Bhopal)

In the morning he sat on the open lawns of the hotel and had breakfast with all the abhyasis seated nearby. Everyone was filled with immense joy to be near their beloved. He drove to the Ashram which is 24 Kms. from the hotel & conducted morning satsangh which lasted for almost 55 mins. A gathering of nearly 2500 abhyasis had come from MP, Chhattisgarh and various other states including Gujarat, UP, Maharastra, Punjab, and Haryana.

In the evening, during a conversation, he accepted that he was planting a seed, and described the morning satsangh as "serene" like a journey through calm waters of a very big lake. After lunch he sat outside the cottage was surrounded as usual by abhyasis and attended to their several requests. He expressed his wish to stay overnight at the small cottage available at the venue. The rest of the abhyasis travelling with him returned to the hotel to return in the morning.

February 15th (Bhopal)

Today marked the inauguration of the meditation hall of the Bhopal Ashram, located near the outskirts of the city. Master inaugurated the hall precisely at 7:30 am by unveiling the inaugural stone & cutting a ribbon. After satsangh two marriages were solemnized by Master, followed by two very sweet bhajans.

Master left for Indore at around 9 AM with a large convoy of cars - the drive being approximately 200 km. After a short break, he reached Indore by 1:30 pm. The journey was difficult and quite uncomfortable due to poor road conditions. Master proceeded to his place of residence and lovingly acknowledged the greetings of all the abhyasis gathered to welcome him. In the evening He sat outside in the veranda and pleasantly surprised all present by giving a sitting.


February 16th (Indore)

On this day, the extended meditation hall of the Indore Ashram was inaugurated. Morning satsangh time was scheduled at 9 AM but Master pleasantly surprised everyone by arriving at the Ashram at 8.20 AM. The atmosphere was very subtle and deep after almost an hour long satsangh by. Due to a sore throat he asked Br. Ajay Bhatter to speak after satsangh, in which Br. Ajay conveyed that "...the ashram is to be used for meditation and looking for HIM within ourselves... Our eyes should always be fixed on the goal which is HIM and only HIM."

Several abhyasis were moved to tears of gratitude and love after some devotional bhajans sung by abhyasis. Evening satsangh was conducted by Br. Ajay Bhatter followed by a flute recital for about 45 minutes.

Feburary 17th (Indore)

Master conducted the morning and evening satsanghs. It felt that the ashram was made a "Center of Light". When he arrived at the Ashram for the evening satsangh, He found a large group of nearly 200 children waiting 'quietly' at the Ashram gate welcoming Him. He was happy to see them and waved cheerfully with His walking stick. It was a touching moment showing his care for the future generation. An abhyasi performed a classical dance based on the divine love of Radha and Krishna, which Master enjoyed. The atmosphere was full of love and brotherhood.

Master departed for Mumbai by flight on the 18th morning