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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2010.02 – Monday, 18 January 2010

Contents of this Newsletter

  • Updated Correspondence Guidelines
  • New Corpus and Annual Subscription Policy
  • Invitation to English Language Seminars Summer 2010 (Denmark)
  • 8th International Scholarship Training Program

Updated Correspondence Guidelines

Updated guidelines for sending correspondence to Rev. Master and other functionaries are now available on the Mission's web site at http://www.sahajmarg.org/resources/correspondence-guidelines.

Here you will find specific contact information for each geographic area along with details regarding general and emergency correspondence, travel requests, and when to use e-mail, fax or phone. Please note that these guidelines may differ from those previously printed in Constant Remembrance and elsewhere. Additional links take you to permission forms and other information on visiting our ashrams and attending Sahaj Marg study programmes.

New Corpus and Annual Subscription Policy

Annual and lifetime subscriptions to Mission publications are now being made available through the Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust (SHPT). Complete information and links to all subscription forms for SRCM books, magazines and audio/visual, are available at http://www.sahajmarg.org/publications/bookstore/corpus-n-subscriptions
All future publication subscription and availabilty information will be available at SHPT's web site soon.

Invitation to English Language Seminars Summer 2010 (Denmark)

Dear brothers and sisters,
We are delighted to announce that two English Language Seminars (ELS) will take place in the international ashram at Vrads, Denmark this summer. The seminars are designed to help abhyasis from non-English speaking countries gain confidence in using and understanding English. The theme of the seminars will be "The 10 maxims in daily life".

The first seminar will take place from Sunday 25th July to Saturday 31st july. The second seminar will take place from Saturday 7th August to Saturday 14th August. During the seminars, there will be daily morning classes in English. We will focus on Sahaj Marg texts so as to improve our understanding of Master's talks. The classes themselves will be split according to the participants' experience and abilities in English. Outside of the classes there will be the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of ashram life with satsangh taking place each morning and evening.

We have found that the English language seminars are a wonderful place for people from different countries to get to know each other. Because these are small seminars, abhyasis tend to spend most of the days together - meditating, cooking, walking, sharing - and out of these comes a shared understanding beyond the spoken word. Therefore all are welcome to take part. In addition to students, we are looking for:

English language teachers who are willing to teach during the seminars. Volunteers to help with the day-to-day running of the ashram during the seminars. Two people in charge of the kitchen for each seminar.

The nearest airport to Vrads is Billund, about an hour’s drive from the ashram. For further details and/or a registration form for the first seminar, please email simonmaharaj@yahoo.co.uk.

For further details and/or a registration form for the second seminar, please email leila.preiss@gmail.com.

The organiser team

8th International Scholarship Training Programme

The 8th International Scholarship Training Programme was held this year for the first two weeks in CREST Kharagpur, and for the remaining two weeks in the Manapakkam Ashram.

On Sunday the 10th of January, after the morning Satsangh, the programme was concluded, each participant receiving a certificate from Rev. Master. The entire group sang a song that moved the brothers and sisters seated in the meditation hall and united all the hearts.

A brief report along with a photo gallery is located at

The video of the concluding programme held on January 10th at Manapakkam can be seen at: