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Satkhol Himalayan Ashram

Visiting Policy

    • Visiting abhyasis are requested to carry either a printout of the permission or its screenshot in smartphone. Please be informed that internet service in Satkhol is a challenge.
    • A Mission ID card is compulsory and must be shown at the ashram office along with the letter of permission.
    • Abhyasis are requested to ensure that their return travel arrangements from Satkhol to their respective destinations are confirmed beforehand
    • Overseas Abhyasis will also need to fill a foreigners registration form on the day of arrival at the Satkhol Ashram office.
    • Abhyasis are reminded that washing of clothes is strictly forbidden. Please ensure that you have enough clothes with you to last the entire trip.
    • While bedding and warm quilts will be provided at the ashram, abhyasis are advised to bring their own sleeping bags.
    • The weather during the winter months, October to March, is cold to very cold, Therefore, warm and/or heavy woollen clothes are essential.
    • During the months of April to September the weather remains changeable and can be quite cold, with a minimum temperature as low as 8C (46F), even in mid-April. Days can be warm, with maximum temperatures rising to 25C (77F). Adequate clothing should be carried to meet such variable conditions.
    • Good and supportive shoes are of course necessary. Since frequent rains are possible, please bring a raincoat.
    • A small canteen offers a variety of dry snacks, sweets, biscuits, and beverages like coffee, tea, tomato soup, et cetera. It also has a stock of emergency winter wear such as gloves, winter hats, socks and thermal wear. Also available are some personal care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and lotion.
    • Please preserve the pristine and natural surroundings of our sacred Himalayan ashram and, upon departure, carry back all plastic and non-biodegradable waste to the plains for disposal. This is a requirement to protect the environment.
    • Abhyasis are not encouraged to bring their children in the batches to Satkhol Ashram. If children must be brought, then the family will be accommodated in Babuji Nilayam which is about 300 meters from the ashram. Please note that food is served only at ashram kitchen.

Medical guidelines

Abhyasis visiting Satkhol should be aware that there are no medical facilities available at the ashram.

If you are taking medication for diabetes, hypertension or any other serious health condition, you must have a medical examination and your doctor’s approval for your proposed visit to the ashram. On arrival at the ashram, please carry a copy of your doctor’s report and approval, prescription information and sufficient medicines for the duration of your stay.

Master has instructed that abhyasis who are over sixty-five years of age will not be permitted to visit Satkhol even if they are in sound health.


There is no fee for staying at the ashram. Expenses are defrayed from voluntary donations only. Donation are accepted at the Ashram office through cheque, cash or debit/credit cards.