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Guest Feedback
Guest Feedback

About the website

1. How is the site navigation?

Easy to find information
Difficult to find information

2. How does this site introduce Sahaj Marg to new visitors?

It does a good job, with right amount and quality of information
It does an OK job
Way too much information
Not enough information
See my Comments below

3. How did you find the content(text,images,audio,video) in this site?

Too Less
Way too much
Can be improved

4. Is this aesthetically pleasing?

Very Nice    Average   Not to my liking

5. Any other Suggestions/Comments/Critique?

About Yourself

Following demographic information will help us further improve the site. It is a strict policy of both SRCM and SMSF not to share any of this information to third parties without your consent.

1. Are you currently practicing Sahaj Marg ? Yes   No

2. How did you learn about this website ?

Through someone who is practicing Sahaj Marg
At an event related to Sahaj Marg
Internet Search
Plain old word of mouth

3. What is your internet bandwidth?

Low(regular modem)
I don't Know

4. How is your internet usage?

High    Medium    Low    Occasional

5. Personal Information

Under 12 yrs
13-18 yrs
19-30 yrs
31-45 yrs
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65+ yrs

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