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Constant Remembrance

Meditation, cleaning and prayer make up the basic elements of the Sahaj Marg practice. Our practice becomes dynamic and infused with life and feeling when it leads to the remembrance and experience of our connection with the divine within. We cultivate this ongoing connection through a specific training of mind and heart referred to as constant remembrance.

In our efforts to remember constantly we engage a subtle suggestion, putting the divine in the place of self in all our thoughts and activities – indeed the divine is the doer. Feeling that presence within guiding our thoughts and actions we then proceed with faith and confidence, giving every task our best effort without attachment to results.

When we love someone, we remember him or her. Sahaj Marg teaches us that the reverse is also true: what we remember, we will also come to love. The practice of remembrance eventually leads to constant thought of the divine in all of our activities, ultimately cultivating our growing love for, and union with God.

"That one thing—remembrance—brings everything in its trail. If remembrance is there, take it for granted the remembered one is close to you."


There must be one thought, one object and one pursuit in view, and that must be related to the Divine.

- Babuji