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Personal Discipline shows in Courtesy

Speech given by Rev. Master on 20th June 2008 at Bangalore, India

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today on this auspicious occasion, this building which is named Lalaji Nivas, is dedicated to our great Masters. With their blessings, we have just performed six weddings and I am sure people who will come here as soon as it is finished in a couple of months will have a happy, healthy and wise life.

This place is meant only for people living in this part of the city. This is not meant to be a zonal ashram or a central ashram or anything like that. This is for south Bangalore, isn’t it? South Bangalore. Because more and more people are living on this side, so Sunday satsanghs will be held here for this part, Banashankari for that part, and if population grows in the Jalahalli area, there is the zonal ashram there. So, eventually, we will have three centres in Bangalore. CREST is not included because that is a Foundation facility.

I am happy to announce that we are embarking on a plan to demolish the present ashram in Banashankari and build a new one, more spacious, with more accommodation, parking areas, et cetera. Of course it will cost a lot of money and as usual, abhyasis’ generosity will go a long way in making that a quick and early success. We are about to submit the plans for approval, and I hope all of you will cooperate and, with Master’s blessings, I think it should be ready by 2010, 30th April. So, these are the two small announcements I have to make.

I have also to point out—not demand or insist but to inform you—that personal discipline goes a long way in spiritual progress. Personal discipline shows an inner discipline—that you are balanced, that you don’t put your needs before that of others. It shows itself in courtesy: you give way to others, let them sit first. You will let others eat first, don’t rush. If there is no sitting space, you allow older people to sit and you go and sit outside. All these must come from inside you. We cannot say, “Place reserved for old men,” “Place reserved for handicapped people,” and things like that. Inner discipline must show first of all: concern for others, willingness to help others before you help yourself, and in general, courtesy prevailing under all circumstances. This must come. Otherwise, people will say: “What is this? You are in Shri Ram Chandra Mission for so many years and you are behaving like anybody on the streets. Pushing, pulling, elbowing others out of the way.” And if you say, “No, no, we have to go to office,” get up half an hour earlier and go.

Similarly, discipline means coming to satsangh at least ten minutes before time, and not rushing away immediately after satsangh. People are expected to sit in meditation when the sitting is finished. Sit quietly, let the transmission pervade yourself, digest. And then, when you feel balanced again with the outer atmosphere, get up and walk.

I don’t see anybody doing this. A growth in numbers is good. But the growth in the quality of each individual abhyasi is very essential as a sign of what this system can do for you.

I hope all of you are here for your spiritual progress, and not just to enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the tiffin and go away.

Thank you very much.