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April 2010 - Gathering of Abhyasis from Karnataka (India) at Manapakkam


Over three thousand abhyasis from Karnataka in South India gathered at Babuji Memorial Ashram in Manapakkam to be with Rev. Master from 2nd April to 4th April 2010. It was a wonderful occasion and had the atmosphere of an utsav (spiritual celebration). Master conducted five satsanghs during this period to the joy of the abhyasis present.

A task force of around 250 volunteers took up intensive cleaning work under the blazing sun to help clear up many areas in the ashram. A science and magic exhibition by the children displayed many experiments from the VBSE curriculum.

A cultural program on the evening of 3rd April was enjoyed by abhyasis as well as by Master who was taken up with the concept of the play that was presented. Abhyasis were elated and returned home with hearts full of love for Master who in spite of his poor health took care of all those present.