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North American Seminar 2010, Manapakkam, India

Over 800 abhyasis and 200 children traveled from North America to be with beloved Master in Manapakkam for the North American seminar from August 16 - 20, 2010.

Rev. Master had suggested that the seminar events be spontaneous and based on the call of the heart. Regular changes to the seminar agenda and schedule reflected this idea of spontaneity.

Satsanghs with Master and talks given by him were the primary highlights of the seminar. Audio recordings of his opening talk and his talk to new abhyasis can be found below.

Also included were talks by other eminent speakers (Brother "Sanskrit" Kannan, Brother P. R. Krishna, etcetera), the Annual General Meetings of SRCM USA and SRCM Canada, Rev. Master's meeting with new abyasis, meetings of prefects and working groups, trips to the Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, Q&A session, and cultural presentations by the North American abhyasis and children.

It appeared that Nature, too, had endorsed the theme of spontaneity, surprising participants with some much welcomed rain showers! The seminar ended on Friday, Aug 20, with abhyasis' hearts brimming with his graceful love and a craving to spend more time in his presence.

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