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Like from one seed comes a tree, from one tree comes million seeds, so this must grow. Every seed you plant must bear hundred such seeds and each of those hundred and so on it must multiply you know. And this is the purpose of Sahaj Marg – not only for your own individual growth and satisfaction and elevation and liberation and things like that but to become like Him so that someone else can become like him too through you and so it goes on. Like one candle can light a million candles. So please I request all of you to understand the seriousness of the spiritual pursuit, of its global significance for humanity.

Master’s talk to abhyasis in North America on March 18, 2011


Heartspeak is a means of communicating from the deepest core of our hearts – an effort at sharing that which is dear to us, which has changed us, and which has helped us in our divine journey.

While there cannot be one standard approach that appeals to everyone in all situations, human beings around the world are found to be the same in essence and are more connected than we may know.

In many countries, aspirants following Sahaj Marg have delved deep to come up with innovative ways to reach out to anyone seeking inner change. We come to understand that every situation in our lives, every interaction is indeed Heartspeak.

These pages contain some of the Heartspeak ideas and activities from various parts of the world. You are invited to read, assimilate and participate in this experience.

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