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Prayer Meditation

A companion to the daily practice of meditation and cleaning is a prayer meditation, repeated just before the morning meditation and in the evening, before we retire for the night.  When we take a few minutes to meditate on the meaning of the prayer, we are essentially affirming on the deepest levels our link with the divinity within us. The prayer:

O Master!

Thou art the real goal of human life.

We are yet but slaves of wishes

Putting bar to our advancement.

Thou art the only God and Power

To bring us up to that stage.

The first line of the prayer affirms our goal. The word Master refers to God and God alone, the ultimate Master who resides in each and every heart. Sahaj Marg believes that the human spiritual guide, or Master, is one who helps aspirants establish contact with their inner divinity. The second line of the prayer refers to our present state, acknowledging that we are the creators of our own problems and that our wishes and attachments are obstacles to our progress. The third statement points to the source of our liberation, recognizing that it is God alone who can help us rise to the higher state of existence.

The prayer of Sahaj Marg is a gentle daily reminder. It is a humble acknowledgement of where we are now and how we would like to grow.  It is recommended that we start the day with this prayer, saying it silently once, allowing the meaning to sink into our consciousness before beginning our morning meditation. At the end of the day, this same prayer is repeated mentally once or twice, and then we meditate on its meaning for ten minutes. Reflection on the prayer is the last thing we do before the day is brought to an end. This practice of beginning and ending the day with the prayer establishes a connection with the Source throughout the day and night.

"When a man creates in himself a strong craving for the Absolute, he is indeed in a state of prayer and it is for everyone to strive for it."

- Babuji (CWI p214)

Audio Media : Listen to a talk on "Practice of Sahaj Marg"


We should always pray to the supreme Master the Omnipotent and the Omniscient alone with a mind totally absorbed in love and submission for Him forgetting even ourselves altogether.

- Babuji