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Featured Ashrams & Centres



""An ashram is a place where one goes to find rest and obtain shreyas, that is, spiritual well-being and spiritual  growth ... 


An ashram is a place where we sit and meditate and try to find him here within ourselves, where He is. It is a place where we must sit in a calm atmosphere, where because you are meditating again and again, the atmosphere becomes suitable for us, and then seek Him within ...

So can we not do sadhana very effectively, absolutely effectively without an ashram? Yes, we can. We don't need an ashram! But it is, shall we say, the smallest luxury we can afford, to create a brotherhood by giving a place where everybody can sit together, hear speeches, share experience. People sit and meditate, each one finds the other meditating. We get into some sort of harmonious relationship with ourselves, our belief is strengthened by what we see - other people talking or experiencing or believing and that is the only purpose that an ashram serves."


The ashrams of Shri Ram Chandra Mission are reserved for meditation and training. They are places of work and rest for all practitioners of Sahaj Marg to visit. Shri Ram Chandra Mission has established several ashrams around the world. Following are few  featured ashrams and Sahaj Marg centres:

Featured Ashrams