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Param Dham - Application

 Abhaysis interested in making use of this opportunity can apply to stay in the ashram for a period of two to six months. The schedule of the stay will be determined and confirmed with the abhyasis according to the availability of rooms at Param Dham.

The Application form and guidelines can be downloaded here. Please email your application, duly completed, to paramdham@srcm.org , or send the form by regular post to the address given below. Please submit a copy of both your confirmation of stay and your SRCM ID card upon arrival at the ashram.

Guidelines for applying:

  • Abhyasis must have completed a minimum of five years of practice in Sahaj Marg to apply for permission to stay in Param Dham. Master has indicated that applicants should be prepared to stay in for a period of two to six months.
  • Abhyasis must be sixty years of age or more, and should be in reasonably good health.
  • Abhyasis who have already visited Param Dham ashram will have to wait for a minimum of three years before applying again. Persons applying for the first time will be given first preference.
  • Abhyasis who have not availed of their earlier permission for whatever reason, will have to wait for at least one year before applying again.

Guidelines for completing the application form:

  • The application form must be complete with all the required information. Incomplete forms will not be processed. For faster and easier communication, please give a valid email address.
  • Complete postal address, age and ID number are all compulsory information.
  • The abhyasi’s local prefect must approve all applications. Forms will not be processed until the prefect’s verification is received by the resident manager of Param Dham.
  • Address for postal mail - Param Dham Ashram
    14/15/16, Shubh Enclave,
    Ist Main, Harlur Road, Off Sarjapur Road
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Guidelines for prefects:

For the benefit of the abhyasis, please ensure that:

  • The abhyasi has completed a minimum of five years of Sahaj Marg practice before applying.
  • The abhyasi is attending satsangh and taking individual sittings regularly.
  • The abhyasi has a permanent ID card.
  • The abhyasi is in sound mental health and is not taking medication for depression. He/she should be able to take care of himself/herself, as Param Dham cannot take responsibility for their medical care or treatment for chronic illnesses.

Important note:

  • Abhyasis who have an apartment in Param Dham and wish to stay there at any time, must get prior written approval, by sending an email to paramdham@srcm.org
  • All Abhyasis who have been permitted to visit Param Dham must send in the confirmation of their visit well in advance. Failure to do this may result in their slot being allotted to another applicant.
  • Mutual exchange is not permitted. All cancellations must be notified immediately to the resident manager. Any change in the postal address , email address or phone numbers of the primary contact should be communicated immediately by email or by regular post to the resident manager.