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Criteria for participation / application – Scholarships


The aspirant who has been practicing Sahaj Marg meditation for at least one year, who has a zeal for learning more about the system to further strengthen his own spiritual practice, and who belongs to the Regions selected by Master is eligible for application. The candidates allocation approved by Master will be announced to the Region In-Charge (RIC) by the director of the programme, usually during the month of August.

The selection process is a top-down approach. Therefore abhyasis cannot self-apply for the International Scholarship Training Programme.

However, an abhyasi sincere and eager to participate and residing in a Region usually involved in the ISTP may approach the Country In-Charge (CIC) to be considered as a candidate by the RIC.


A limited number of scholarships are made available to aspirants from Regions where Sahaj Marg meditation is developing, and who don't have the economic means to provide for their own travel expenses to India.

Paying participants

Self-paying participants may attend the training programme without any financial aid from SMSF. The same criteria for eligibility apply to all candidates, sponsored or self-paying.