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Universal Brotherhood


Each individual scholar lives the programme, evolving with confidence, trust and love to become a torch bearer for their country in the future. We transcend time in these few weeks together and depart as brothers and sisters, connected with our hearts filled with love, carrying an incredible experience back home to be shared.

Quotes from the farewell address given by Rev. Master to the scholars on 8Th January 2006, Chennai, India.

“We are humans, we are all one, within one world, united - again I say - not politically or economically but through the love that we shall have for all of us. I hope such a world will come into being. We see a small sample here, a very small sample, minuscule, atomic, but remember that the world is made up of atoms and molecules. From one atom will come two, and then become a molecule, then become a super molecule, and voila! we have the world.

I present to you the possibility of such a world provided you all cooperate with your heart in this magnificent, desirable venture. Thank you”.