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Living the programme

Language: not a barrier!

The participants represent all continents and come from various linguistic backgrounds. Those who do not speak fluent English are offered translation assistance from the coordinators in the early stages. But very soon the language of the heart takes precedence. We learn human brotherhood and live harmoniously. Geographical location and language are no longer important. Differences seem to vanish and we become one.

Experience and enjoy!

The journey through these 4 weeks is intense. An understanding of each aspect of Sahaj Marg happens at various levels. We hear, we experience, we absorb the essence; we assimilate and without being aware we are able to implement the teaching into our lives very subtly. This experience is very moving and the heart starts to shine with love and gratitude towards the beloved for providing us with this wonderful opportunity.

Always under His care

Master may not be physically present throughout the entire programme but his presence is felt at all times. His guidance and care is all-pervading from the selection of the candidates to the venue, the topics and their speakers.