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A Whisper a Day

This is an email service which sends two messages a day taken from the various volumes of Whispers from the Brighter World – a collection of thousands of messages transmitted on a subtle level of communication primarily from the spiritual Master Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj (Babuji), who attained Mahasamadhi in 1983. The books also contain messages from other highly evolved spiritual personalities whose abode is in the Brighter World and who continue to work for the spiritual progress of all humanity.

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Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to access archives of all Whispers messages that have been sent out to date. Each entry consists of one message from Whispers from the Brighter World. Click here to read the book’s introduction, "An Invitation", written by Shri P. Rajagopalachari, the present spiritual Master and guide of the Sahaj Marg system of spiritual evolution, primary recipient of the messages and editor of the publication. In it, he invites all who are interested to set aside limited preconceptions of communication, read the messages, and let the heart, the highest judge, evaluate their worth to humankind.

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Esoteric Symbol

The Esoteric Symbol shows the physical heart and the spiritual heart with the central region. The individual rays in each of the six groupings represent the five elements – air, earth, water, fire and ether. The centre of the Esoteric Symbol is a vacuum where the life force is located. Read whisper here.

Esoteric Symbol