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Objectives of SMSF

The Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation was incorporated to provide a means for all interested persons seeking spirituality in the Sahaj Marg system of raja yoga to come together for meditation and for educational and research discussions.

Specific (although not exclusive) purposes of this organization are:


  • To promote the feeling of harmony and mutual brotherhood among all human beings, irrespective of race, religion, caste, colour or gender.
  • To promote and create human integration – for individuals and for the world.
  • To promote and evoke interest in spiritual and moral attitudes in a healthy and educative manner through publications and electronic media, as well as through conferences, seminars, discourses and public meetings.


To open and maintain spiritual training centres throughout India; these centres will present the Sahaj Marg system of raja yoga while educating participants about multiple religions, cultures, philosophies and ideologies and their approaches to the Divine through the ages. Training is available to all spiritual aspirants, regardless of their race, religion, caste, colour, occupation or sex.

Retreat Centres
To maintain retreat centres where members of the Mission can devote some time exclusively to silent introspection and meditation.

Value Based Spiritual Education
To work actively with children and youth to promote values in education, through the creation of “Value Based Spiritual Education” syllabi for schools and colleges.

To offer scholarships to persons desirous of participating in seminars, and conducting research in yoga and other allied fields of spiritual interest.


  • To provide free health care in our medical centres in India
  • To provide free food and lodging in certain Indian Ashrams