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Being to Becoming

An individual’s spiritual unfoldment is essentially a journey from what he is to what he can become. The present spiritual guide of the Sahaj Marg system of spirituality, Kamlesh D. Patel, succinctly describes this inner transformation as a path “from being to becoming.” It is a broad continuum where, at the starting point, you are what you are. From then on, the spiritual adventure is one of metamorphosis. Every day you experience inner change, and at each point you are a new you. After some time, when you look back and turn the pages of your life’s book, you realize how much you have transformed. You find you are less greedy, less selfish, less conscious of externalities and less desirous of power and social status. Instead, you are more content and full of love. It is as if you are returning to your original, divine nature—the perfection from which we have all come and toward which we are eternally drawn.

We invite abhyasis to share their experience of the Sahaj Marg path and hope our readers will find spiritual inspiration in these personal accounts of transformation.

Featured Submissions: 

Roopali Garg, Pune

Peni Moore, Fiji

(Video) Sahaj Marg Youth, Milan, Italy