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Chennai Floods - 2015

December 3, 2015

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Tamil Nadu, and especially Chennai, in India, as well as many parts of Sri Lanka, have been very badly affected by unprecedented rain over the past 15 days. This is the largest amount of rain in a single 30-day period in a century. The average rainfall for Chennai in the month of December is 6 inches. So far, about 53 inches of rain has fallen during the past 30 days and 12 inches in the first three days of December.

At least 269 people have died in Tamil Nadu, and 54 in Andhra Pradesh. Several hundred thousand people are displaced. In Sri Lanka, several have died and approximately 17,500 displaced. Drowning, electrocution and wall collapses have accounted for most of the deaths in the last month.


We as sisters and brothers of the Sahaj Marg Mission want to participate in the relief efforts. We also pray for their strength and speedy recovery to normalcy.

To help in the situation, we can participate in the following manner:

  1. Volunteers may organize themselves to help a community come back to normalcy by offering food supplies, medical supplies, and shelter for friends and relatives.
  2. Doctors and nurses may offer medical service, both in our medical facilities and in temporary medical set-ups.
  3. All can donate generously. The amount collected will be issued to a responsible relief organization.

We request all to join hands and support those in need. Whether you wish to volunteer or make a donation, any effort on your part can make a big difference to someone whose life is in dire straits.


For the USA: (Master/VISA credit cards only)

For India:(all Credit and Debit cards as well as NetBanking)

For Canada:
A separate email will be sent by the local administration shortly.

Offline donations forms are also provided at the following links:

Other countries can contact to donate.