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Sahaj Marg Clarifications

Common Errors and Misconceptions about Meditation

  • The difference between meditation versus concentration
  • The light in the heart – making a mere supposition
  • Rising of thoughts during meditation 

Spiritual Transmission

  • Transmission is the utilization of divine power for the transformation of humankind.
  • Transmission is spiritual food for the soul.
  • Transmission is the only spiritually elevating power.

Individual sittings and group satsanghs

  • On the importance of attending group sittings (satsangh) at least once per week
  • Prefects should determine when individual sittings are needed.
  • On the recommended time interval between taking individual sittings and attending satsangh.

Spiritual Activities During Bhandaras

  • Taking sittings during celebrations
  • Doing cleaning during celebrations
  • Garlanding photos of Masters during bhandaras

Clarifications about Cleaning


Spiritual Experiences


Q&A session with Master


Prayer for Master's Good Health


Prayer/Meditation at 9:00 PM (Universal Prayer)


Night Prayer/Meditation (Bedtime Prayer)