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Guidelines for correspondence to Rev. Master

These guidelines are to be explicitly followed without exception.

Contact the following people based on your region:

E-Mails: Rev. Master does not maintain an e-mail service for general use; however, email messages to Master containing information of an urgent nature or highest-priority importance may be sent to info (at) srcm.org or to the functionary of your region as listed above. That the use of this email facility for Master is for URGENT AND EMERGENCY MATTERS ONLY bears repeating. Please endeavour to use a PLAIN BACKGROUND, Regular color font and use the FONT ‘VERDANA’ and the FONT SIZE 18 for ease of reading of all recipients. Always mention your full name,  centre and date at the top left corner of  the email. Any attached file should be named according to the subject covered in the file and attached photos should always be under 200KB in size.

All general correspondence must be sent to the functionaries of your region by email (preferred) or by regular mail (not by fax), according to the general guidelines for that medium.

Letters: It is suggested to send emails to the functionaries of your region instead of letters by regular mail to Rev. Master. If you do have to send a letter by regular mail, please make sure that the sender's name, address and centre appear at the upper right hand corner of the letter’s first page. Letters should preferably be typewritten, with block letter printing being the only exception. If possible, the length of correspondence should not exceed one page.

Travel Requests:  Please note that all TRAVEL REQUESTS including travel to Manapakkam Ashram and travel with Master have to be sent by email only by using the application forms available at http://www.sahajmarg.org/resources/forms. Application for visiting Satkhol ashram is available at http://www.sahajmarg.org/smww/satkhol/application-guidelines . Please review the following link regarding application to visit Retreat Centres: http://www.sahajmarg.org/smww/retreat-center-overview and the following link to apply to attend training programs at CREST: http://www.sahajmarg.org/smww/crest-overview